With A Little Help From My Friends

DSC_0964No, sadly, this is not my home. But it is Meaghan and Nick’s new apartment! Gorgeous, right!? (and of course my blogger brain immediately sees a nice place and thinks of all the photos I could take inside it). On Saturday morning I headed over to check out their new, beautiful digs and drink coffee with Meg. I’m sure some of you out there are like, “ya, whatever, it’s an apartment…you should see MY apartment.” But what you don’t know – unless you live in Toronto – is that finding a place like this, is not easy. The rent is either horrifying, or it gets snatched up within seconds or they just never become available because no one is giving that shit up. But, what we have found is word of mouth is the best way to find a nice place in Toronto. The good places are usually rented to a friend if the current tenant is leaving, which makes sense. When I was leaving the Everglades I had lots of people interested in taking my apartment. Good places just never get listed because there will absolutely be someone you know who wants to snatch it from you. Anyways, that’s my piece of advice for the day. Wanna find a nice place? Tell the internet/fb/instagram/whatever.

This has sort of been my go-to outfit for the last little while – a button up blouse of some sort, and a wool tartan skirt. The cold weather rolls in, and I’m always giving off 60s librarian vibes. I think I said at one point that I prefer dressing for Summer (that was probably when Winter lasted forever and I was hating everything), but I lied. I like this much, much better. Once it got cold, and I started pulling out all my Fall/Winter clothes, I sort of felt like myself again.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was actually really great – one of those weekends where you get a lot accomplished, but also had time for friends and relaxation. I have the day off today, but I’ve got lots of photo taking to do, so I should get to that. Bye for now you lil’ freaks.

*photos by Meaghan





DSC_0978Blouse: thrifted
Skirt: vintage Pendleton via Public Butter
Belt: thrifted

Listen to the wind blow


I think this may have been the first weekend in a long time that I did not have to set my alarm. I still did though. Sleeping in was a much welcomed event at the Gus & Alex Everglades Residence.

Olivia was in town this weekend, so Meg and I spent some time with her, eating Pho (surprise, surprise), having drinks and never making it out to bars because we were too chatty. In between fun with Olivia and Meaghan’s new love for yoga, we found some time to thrift for the shop. We are both pretty excited about our finds! There are a few things that may need to be pried from my hands. This floral dress I’m wearing being one of them. Expect to see it in the shop in the next coming weeks.
















Outfit details…

Dress: Old Navy
Jacket: Old navy
Scarf: thrifted
Tote: Stay Home Club
Sunglasses: Kensington Market
Shoes: Bass

Dress: thrifted
Cardigan: thrifted
Tights: H&M
Clogs: vintage
Necklace: gift from Matt
Watch: Nixon, gift from Kristen

Posted by Alex

Austin, Tx – Part 1


As a Christmas gift this year, my wonderful boyfriend Matt surprised me with a trip to Austin, Texas to ring in the New Year and spend a couple days thereafter enjoying this beautiful (and friendly) city. One thing I knew I wanted to do during our trip was see a small western town. So with the help of the wonderful people working at our hotel, we got directions to a town that we could visit for a day trip. Matt had rented a car for the trip, which was a true life saver. I doubt we would have seen as much as we did without it. Especially, Wimberley, Tx.


Wimberley, located in Hays County, Texas, is a quaint town about 40 minutes outside Austin. The concierge at our hotel told us to take the scenic route to get there, and I am so glad we did. Looking out the car window all you could see was sprawling lands that went on for miles and miles. My excitement reached an ultimate high when we got to Wimberley and drove on a small gravel road right through a river (!!!) Unfortunately it was New Year’s day, so almost every shop was closed in town. But some friendly locals told us of some places we could visit, if only to see the old buildings and shops. I would just like to say every single person I met in Texas was incredibly friendly. They are some of the most hospitable people I have ever met. It was one of the first things we noticed. You were welcomed into almost every store/restaurant with a big friendly hello and smile. It felt wholly different than Toronto. I even heard a person say a genuine “Yeehaw!” This excited me more than it should have.

Here are a few photos we took in Wimberley. I apologize for the blurryness of some. My (also wonderful) parents bought me a DSLR for Christmas and I was still getting the hang of it at the beginning of the trip. So much to my dismay, a large number of photos from Wimberley turned out blurry.


After Wimberley, Matt wanted to have dinner at the infamous Salt Lick located in Driftwood, which we were told was not far from Wimberley. Being a vegetarian, there was very little to eat. I had some delicious mashed potatoes and coleslaw. But Matt got just about every barbecued meat they had to offer (or at least it seemed that way to me).

I’ll have a few more posts to share with you (I have not even said anything about Austin!!!), as I took about 500 photos during our trip. I hope you all had a great weekend!


*Photos by Matt and I

Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: Vintage via Public Butter
Necklace: Gift from matt’s mom
Socks: U/O
Shoes: Miz Mooz borrowed from Meg
Bag: Vintage via Junction Flea