Dear Ottawa

DSC_4237I just got back last night from a very short but so so sweet visit to Ottawa. It was my grandparents 60th anniversary (crazy right!?), so I knew I had to be there to celebrate with them and the whole family. There were faces I hadn’t seen in years, so it was really nice to see how well everyone is doing, and how grown all my cousins are. Unfortunately Ryan was on call for work, so he couldn’t make it down, but I’ll drag him along next time to experience the country’s capital. I was pleasantly surprised to find my best friend Kristen and her other half Sergio were also in town to see Book of Mormon so I crashed their date after the show and we went to eat fancy tacos (no surprise there) at El Camino and sip some beers and bourbon sours. Our friend Jon joined us later in the evening, and honestly the night was so good. It was an evening full of nonsense talk (which is pretty much my favourite) and laughing till our cheeks hurt and our bellies burned. It’s tough sometimes, not being able to see Kristen whenever I want. What we have is really special to me and I miss her so much, but it’s nice to know that even if we don’t see eachother for months, we can always pick up right where we left off like no time has passed at all.

These photos are from some antique and vintage browsing I did with my parents on Saturday afternoon. I have a post planned for this place because it was super cute and full of treasures.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

*photos by my mom












DSC_4228 Blouse: thrifted vintage
Skirt: thrifted Club Monaco via Common Sort
Bow tie: handmade
Shoes: Seychelles
Tote: Parkdale Flea

Parkdale Flea

DSC_0786Oh goodness guys! Thanks to all my (and Matt’s) lovely pals who came out to the Parkdale Flea on Sunday to give me a couple hellos, and even those cool pals that bought some of my stock! I somehow survived the evening before of way too much tagging and steaming, thanks to my seriously amazing and helpful boyfriend.

The day was filled with sunshine (but god awful wind), neat vendors selling handcrafted wood works, mini doughnuts (geeze louise I could have eaten 3 bags of those bad boys) smoothies/lemonades, beautiful antiques and vintage galore. I didn’t get to do too much browsing myself, because I was manning my booth alone most of the time, but that was quite alright. A gal, like myself, who loves to buy things I probably don’t need, should usually flee (ha!) temptation.

Vince and Josh (the organizers behind this here flea) plan to make this a monthly event. So keep an eye out, you wonderful people!DSC_0754 DSC_0762 DSC_0763 DSC_0766 DSC_0768 DSC_0769DSC_0785 DSC_0794 DSC_0777If only that gosh darn skirt fit me! But at least a pal ended up buying it, so I know it’s in good hands.DSC_0790

Blouse, skirt, shoes: thrifted
Bow tie: made by TLO
Sunglasses: Philistine
Rings: my Mama

Larkspur at The Parkdale Flea

larkspurflyerI very last minute (!!!) got asked to be a vendor at the Parkdale Flea this year! If you are around tomorrow (especially if you live in Parkdale) you should come by and say hello! I would love to see all your beautiful faces! They’ll be vendors selling vintage, antiques, collectables, local artisans, designers, and some nummy foods – a recipe for a lovely day. Furry friends and all are welcome!