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Larkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsI’ve been very inspired by bright and airy pastel interiors lately, and while I’d love for my home to be as lovely as all of these, realistically it probably won’t happen any time in the near future…these places seem like they took a lot of time and effort and thought and patience, which are all things I would only reserve for when I own my own home or have found a place that I want to spend more than a year or two at…it’s just not worth the effort otherwise. But that doesn’t mean I can’t constantly be searching for inspiration (through pinterest, of course) and dreaming up my imaginary home, filled with pastels and whites, quirky details, and of course plenty of vintage.

Are you into pastel interiors as well? Let me know in the comments below.
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Maryanne Moodie

2Lately I’ve had the itch to redecorate my apartment, and with the chance of a move nearing the end of summer, I’ve been stock piling a list of all the sorts of things I’d like to have adorning my walls and coming across some pretty neat makers along the way. Maryanne Moodie, being one of them. Her woven tapestries are the sort of aesthetic I’m very much interested in. I love her use of pastel colours, particularly the combination of creams and light roses. It would be such a beautiful piece to have and would be so fun to style an area of the room around. If you have not checked out her work before, I highly suggest you do. She’s another one of those people that makes me want to work with my hands more and create something I’d be proud of. And interestingly enough, designlovefest is hosting a workshop with this brilliant lady in June, which gives me serious jealousy pangs for those living in California.


Shop Update


Novelty Whale Print High Waisted Skirt

We added some more Spring/Easter fun to the shop today! This includes a high waisted skirt with the most charming whale print, delicate pastels and some items from the 80’s, 50’s and 30’s.

If you are having weather like us here in Toronto, then everything is probably pretty grey, but I think any of these items would add some much needed colour to these dreary days!


Pastel Pink Pin-Stripe Wraparound Skirt


1980’s High-Waisted Tulip Skirt


Handmade Yellow Plaid Sleeveless Blouse


1930’s Re-purposed Plaid Peplum Blouse


1950’s Pistachio Green Day Dress