Outfit: Eye of The Beholder

Larkspur Vintage | Outfit: Eye of The BeholderLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Eye of The BeholderSOME THOUGHTS TODAY…

Having a photographer boyfriend (who doesn’t take my pics, btw…I feel quite strongly about doing everything myself), I’ve become much more aware of the images I am shooting, how I am editing them and what ones I share. I am so far from being a skillful photographer and editor – I’m constantly working at that, trying to improve it, trying to give an honest depiction of myself and what I’m wearing, while also creating a striking image with bright, vibrant colours. It’s hard, to say the least. I have taught myself everything, all on my own up until this point. But now I have someone who can give me feedback and explain why something works and why it doesn’t, how to create the best possible image…if you are looking for a technically perfect image, that is. This is where I find photography to be so subjective. Because what I may think is a beautiful image may look absolutely flawed to someone else’s eye. Does a technically perfect image make the best picture? And if not, what does make the best picture? Do we feel cheated when an image is clearly over-saturated and over-exposed? Do we think the blogger is being dishonest and trying to deceive us? Or are they just working with what skill they have and what they think makes a good image? It’s hard to say. I like pictures that create a feeling more than something that looks absolutely perfect (if I’m being honest, I don’t know what is perfect in photography). But, I can absolutely feel moved by both. Anyways, I don’t have answers for any of these questions. As in all art (and beauty), it’s in the eye of the beholder, I believe. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a talented person at my disposal; I see myself improving day by day, gaining knowledge, while also becoming aware of what I think makes a good image. It’s important to always maintain your voice, even if others tend to disagree with it, but being open to change and growth is never a bad thing.

Blouse, Cardigan, Coat, Shoes: thrifted | Skirt & Hat: Common Sort | Tights & Gloves: H&M | Bow tie: handmade
Larkspur Vintage | Outfit: Eye of The BeholderLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Eye of The BeholderLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Eye of The BeholderLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Eye of The Beholder

Sail Away

Larkspur VintageLarkspur VintageBy now I know my camera pretty well and the ideal times of day to use it, but sometimes I enjoy playing around with settings, especially when I decide to shoot right smack dab in the middle of the day, in front of water reflecting so much light it becomes so backlit you just look like a black silhouette. Such was the case this day, so I had to adjust my settings quite a bit which resulted in grainy photos. But, I kind of like it. They have a very nostalgic quality to them that only analog cameras seem to capture. A fitting vibe for an outfit I feel like would be worn by an old timey gondolier in Venice…although I guess I don’t have the stripes to make it a true rendition, but the colour combination, plus the boater hat are quite reminiscent of the whole look and that’s the whole fun of getting dressed anyways- it is what you make of it, which I guess is true for photography as well…you find inspiration, take what you are given and make it your own.Larkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageLarkspur VintageBlouse: boutique in MTL (can’t remember the name…sorry!)
Skirt, hat, shoes: thrifted vintage

Identical Twins

2848101406I’m loving these images of twins Amanda and Emilia Musacchia wearing matching garments from Samantha Pleet’s SS ’15 collection. Is there anything more striking than twins in matching outfits? I’ve always had a fascination with identical twins, especially when they are clothed the same. Now, you might think how often does that happen? But I used to see these two women, identical twins, wearing the exact same outfit, every single day. It got me wondering about them, and their lives and what it feels like to have someone who is so genetically similar to you.

All that aside, I love these images for how simple they are and how they feel like film stills, which is always my favourite photography – it does not seem over produced, but rather, casual and honest, capturing moments in time and life as it happens.

Photography & MUA: Kristin Gallegos
Creative Direction, Styling and Clothing: Samantha Pleet
Models: Amanda Musacchia and Emilia Musacchia

Jimmy Marble: The Hottest Day of The Year

REFINERY-IG-1-600x900Jimmy Marble‘s use of colour, pattern, objects and the human form is some of the most intriguing and inspiring visuals I have ever laid my eyes on. It often feels like nothing is on accident, that each part of every image has been thought out and presented just the way he intended, which to me, is the work of a wholly unique and true artist. For me, Jimmy is more than a photographer (well ya, he does a whole lot more than that), he’s very much a visual artist in every sense of the word. His work feels like a true labor of love, and probably why it stands out from much else I have seen these days.

For Refinery29
Photography: Jimmy Marble
Styling: Georgia Stockwell
MUA: Erin Walters
Hair: Laura Peyer
Models: Lola, Hannah and Asma
Produced by Rachel Nerdeveld
REFINERY-IG-3-600x807 REFINERY-IG-4-600x471 REFINERY-IG-5-600x780 REFINERY-IG-8-600x772 REFINERY-IG-91-600x879 REFINERY-IG-12-600x860 REFINERY-IG-14-600x846 REFINERY-IG-15-600x764 REFINERY-IG-17-600x842 REFINERY-IG-201-600x400 REFINERY-IG-21-600x782 REFINERY-IG-22-600x787 REFINERY-IG-23-600x830

Photo Diary: Montreal Part 2

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 presetHere is part 2 of my Montreal photo diary! The photo above has reminded me that I want to eat fresh baked treats more often. Sitting with Kristen at Rustique, relaxing, sipping coffees and eating those delicious sweets was a real pleasure, and something I never think to do here in Toronto. So, noted! Cafe chill times is a must for me.

It seems as though I pulled out my iPhone far more than my DSLR on this trip, mostly out of convenience, but also because I didn’t want to be the gal constantly pulling out my big camera and taking time to get a perfect photo everywhere we went. Most of my Toronto friends know I try to document as much as possible with my DSLR when I’m out and about, but when you only get to see your best friend a few times a year, focusing so much energy on what would be good content for the blog seems insignificant, so my iPhone felt like the more reasonable option. I guess it really doesn’t matter, but I feel like I have read something similar on other’s blogs, that iPhones feel way more convenient when you are running about town, but still want to document the day.

What do you guys think? Do iPhones (or any other smart phone) seem like a legitimate photographic tool. Or are we just succumbing to the fast paced nature of our society?