DSC_2104Today will be a day of simplicity. Simply being, simply loving and simply acknowledging what we tend to overlook. Simple photos of a simple vintage daisy shift dress, sparkly red shoes and a sweet dog. Sometimes it’s good to over-think (i am guilty of this too often), but some things need no explanation, and need little to no thought at all. We just simply love them, and that’s it. All these things I simply love. They have no great meaning and that’s okay.








DSC_2180Dress: vintage
Shoes: Seychelles
Bichon: one of a kind

Lady in Red

DSC_1847I have mixed feelings about the colour red. I do like it, very much. But it can also feel like very much. I was pondering what things I own in red, and it seems – unless I’m overlooking something – that it is just a few pair of shoes (one pair is travelling in the mail as we speak. weeeee!) and one dress. I tend to steer away from anything that is a solid bright red. I like deep red wine colours, and i’ll happily buy a dress or skirt in a solid like that. But if it came in a traditional, sort-of fire engine red, I’ll likely pass on it, or not even look at it.  I much prefer pops of red to the whole outfit revolving around it. Red is the one colour that really throws me. Does anyone else feel like this? It’s a colour that says “hey look at me!”, but sometimes thats the opposite of what we want. I have a pair of red velvet shoes from Topshop (they have been on the blog a couple times) and I am telling you, women and men alike (mostly men though) will stop me on the street to tell me how much they love those shoes. People (mostly men) really like red. There have been psychological studies done proving men feel amorous towards women wearing red. I feel like those shoes are walking examples of that (no pun intended). Generally, men will only stop me on the street to be creepy and weird, or a good old cat call in passing. It’s never really a “hey, I like your outfit” and continue on their way. But with the red shoes, it always feels like a genuine and innocent interaction. It’s fascinating really, what colours make people do or feel without us really knowing. Anyways, I like red shoes, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a subconscious desire to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.








DSC_1873Blouse: thrifted
Skirt: vintage via a store in Kensington Marker (i wish i could remember the name)
Bow tie: TLO
Hat: vintage via Common Sort
Socks: from my mom : )
Shoes: from Meaghan, probably thrifted
Belt: thrifted