Belle Vie / 07

DSC_2817DSC_2888DSC_2819DSC_2816DSC_2828DSC_2820DSC_27231. Life is a bit strange. I met Sergio years ago, probably when I was 18. He was a friend of my then boyfriend, but I’m not sure that he even remembers me back then. Those were some crazy times so I don’t expect much memory of fleeting run-ins. He’s been dating my best friend Kristen for several years now, and although I don’t see him often (they both live in mtl), he is a person I hold dear to my heart. Despite his rough exterior and potty mouth he is such a generous and kind-hearted person.
2. Ryan has this thing about drinks. He loves them. Whenever we grocery shop his drink selection always outweighs any actual food in his basket, and I have to remind him we need food. I never even consider buying drinks at the grocery store – I’m sort of a water only type girl when at home (well coffee and tea as well) But he got me thinking about tasty liquid treats, so this rose lemonade seemed perfect to me.
3. Kristen and Taylor. Oh Kristen! I’m not sure what to even say about this girl. I love her ALOT! She lives too far from me, and I miss her all the time. If ever there was a soul mate for me, she would be it. And Taylor, I featured this gal on this space before. Remember? (although now she is Taylor Giorgi) I have known her for a long while, and it’s been so beautiful to see herself and her life grow in such a positive and exciting way.
4. Just a cool old light fixture and some neat wallpaper at Ronnie’s.
5. Choo-choo!
6. I remember seeing Renata for the first time and thinking she was one of the most beautiful women around. To top it off she’s got a wicked personality – a deadly combo.
7. Since always the sound of an acoustic guitar has done things to my brain. It’s my most favourite instrument to dance and choreograph to (next to a banjo), so it’s quite soothing to my brain when I can go about my business at home and have this handsome fellow strumming away.