Cutting Ice to Snow (with your legs)


I am currently visiting my family in Ottawa for the holidays. It has been one year since I visited my home-city, which seems totally insane, considering it’s only 6 hours away (bad daughter!). Needless to say, this time of year is always a special one for me. Snow and ice made it a bit of challenge to actually get here, but we made it safe and sound…until these photos. The snow in these photos was up to my knees, and about half way through taking them I really regretted my decision (like REALLY regretted). My finger tips still don’t feel right, and the snow literally cut my legs until they were bleeding. I came wearing pants, but could not get them back on because they had frozen from being wet. The pants-less trudge back home was a treacherous one. It was all around one of the less smart decisions I have made in my life. However, it’s sometimes hilarious to know the things that happen behind the scenes. Sometimes things look so right, and that they exist perfectly within their own realm. But really, if you saw what was happening during the whole experience you would A) wonder if I even had a brain and B) consider rescuing me from my own stupidity.

Anyways, it happened, I came away with some decent shots, and I still have all my fingers and toes…so not a bad day. I am now off to decorate our tree and wrap some presents for my family. I hope everyone has a very lovely Christmas Eve.







DSC_0462Dress: a little boutique in Toronto (cant remember name)
Headpiece: handmade by my Mother