H.K.M. SS’15

H.K.M. Hannah Metz, what can she not do? On top of being a stylist, model, photographer and lingerie designer, she has now added women’s wear designer to that list of awesomeness. I had been anticipating the release of her first ever collection for her namesake label, H.K.M., and I can say it definitely did not disappoint. Her collection is filled with quirky eye motifs, tears and hearts adorning beautiful skirts and blouses, with it’s inspiration coming from the 12th century tragic love tale of Tristan and Iseult, which has many versions, but in this case specifically the Joseph Bedier pairing (which I know very little about, but apparently there is a love potion involved). Such an interesting place to find inspiration, but really, would you expect any less from this unique and talented woman? It may be awhile before I have any spare money to purchase something of my own from this collection, but I’ve got my eye on the Brangien’s Tears Skirt, Baron’s Eyes Blouse and Philtre Skirt.
What about you guys? What are your favourites?

Photography: Clement Pascal.
Model: Aaliyah Eitapence

Identical Twins

2848101406I’m loving these images of twins Amanda and Emilia Musacchia wearing matching garments from Samantha Pleet’s SS ’15 collection. Is there anything more striking than twins in matching outfits? I’ve always had a fascination with identical twins, especially when they are clothed the same. Now, you might think how often does that happen? But I used to see these two women, identical twins, wearing the exact same outfit, every single day. It got me wondering about them, and their lives and what it feels like to have someone who is so genetically similar to you.

All that aside, I love these images for how simple they are and how they feel like film stills, which is always my favourite photography – it does not seem over produced, but rather, casual and honest, capturing moments in time and life as it happens.

Photography & MUA: Kristin Gallegos
Creative Direction, Styling and Clothing: Samantha Pleet
Models: Amanda Musacchia and Emilia Musacchia