Lover of the light


“Whether we act, or don’t act, voila, miraculously, without exception, things turn out exactly the way they do.”

I read that quote years ago in The Second Book of the Tao, and it is one that has stuck with me over the last 6 years. There is something wonderful about reading a phrase that can resonate so wholly with you, that you just never forget it. Over the years I have found myself floundering between really understanding that sentence, and confused by it’s meaning. But the beautiful thing about Taoism is that if you try too hard to understand, then you understand nothing. I guess all there is to know is that it makes me feel at peace with myself and my life. We can try, or we can not try, either way, things will be the way they are.














DSC_2485Blouse c/o vintage dress via Ellen Face Vintage
Skirt: Larkspur
Boater Hat: thrifted vintage
Boots: Samantha Pleet x Wolverine

Shop Update

DSC_08621960’s Ivory with Crochet Detail Dress (S/M)

Happy Friday all! This week has felt exceptionally exhausting. I’m usually a fairly motivated person, but I found myself putting off work pretty often and just watching Skins on my couch with my two little pups. Sometimes that’s just what our minds need though…to just shut off for a few hours, and ignore all the emails that need a response, and the schedules we make for ourselves, and just allow ourselves to exist in the present. I forget that sometimes.

Anyways, all laziness aside, I did manage to update the shop with some pretty nifty items today. Feel free to take a gander. Maybe something will catch your eye.

DSC_08141960’s Egg Shell & Brown Crochet Details Dress (S)

DSC_09021970’s Striped Short Sleeve Button Up (XS/S)

DSC_08411960’s Royal Blue & White Stripes Midi Dress (M/L)

DSC_09401990’s Canary Yellow Button Up (M/L)