The Vacant North


I’m so excited to be sharing The Vacant North with you today. It’s dear to my heart because it’s a project started by two people who have been a big part of Larkspur – Meaghan Kelly (yes, my old partner) and Kira Cronin (Larkspur Vintage look books). Kira left us not so long ago to marry her love, and start a new chapter of her life in Chicago. The Vacant North was partially created as a way for Kira and Meaghan to stay connected through creative means, but it blossomed into a larger project.

The Vacant North is a (mostly) photo project that focuses on exploration and travel, while encouraging others to do the same. Described by them as “the desire to move past the city limits and into the greater unknown”, forgetting your map (or iphone) and allowing the road to be your navigator. With photography by both ladies and words by Meaghan, they share moments sometimes lost in a world so driven to move forward, reminding us to stop and take a breath.

Not only will they be sharing a selection of photo series as they continue their journeys, but they have a corresponding blog featuring their favorite brands, art history, and a few other gems in the works. I’m also really excited that they recently opened their own shop selling exclusive Vacant North products, where Kira can put her awesome design skills to work and share them with the wonderful people of this world.

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Whitehern House, Hamilton


I’ll take any chance I can get for trips outside the city. Since leaving Montreal and giving up my car, it isn’t as easy to run away on a whim for the day. This week though, Kira left me her car while she flew off to visit her fiance for ten days in Chicago, and I took full advantage of it. On Saturday, Alex and I drove out to Hamilton to do some thrifting for the shop (we’re really excited about our next few shop updates!), and while we were there we took the opportunity to check out Whitehern and take some pictures. There’s a place in Dundas (allegedly haunted) that we were hoping to get to, but the weather was spotty, and we were on a schedule, so we stayed close – maybe next time.

Whitehern was home to the McQuesten family, a fairly influential Victorian family in terms of industrial development in the area. There’s a great family history here, with links to all the children and what they did with their lives, as well as some pretty amazing bits of letters between the family members. My favourites are the ones from the Mother, who sounds like she was pretty sassy. The house itself is open for viewing, and from what I read, it still contains a lot of their original belongings. As usual, I went on a day when it was closed, so we weren’t able to get inside to visit, but it looks like it might be worth a tour.















Outfit Details 

On Alex

Yellow blouse: Larkspur Shoppe Summer Collection

Floral Skirt, Brown belt, Shoes & Purse: Thrifted

Bowtie: Handmade

Socks: Urban Outfitters

On Meaghan

Shorts &  Blouse: American Apparel

Tights: Target

Shoes: Bass

Belt & Sunglasses: Thrifted

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Outfit Planning for a Catskills Getaway

x (1)

1. Erin Considine Plate Necklace… 2. La Garconne Dress… 3. J Crew Farmer’s Market Tote… 4. Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses

5. Rachel Comey Bridges Shoe

My best friend Stef and I finally got our act together this year, and planned our first ever friend-vacation in the 15 years we’ve known each other! We’ve got a pretty awesome long weekend booked at The Graham & Co. in the Catskills, NY, where we intend on doing a lot of hiking, poolside lounging, funky antique hunting and coffee/cocktail drinking. It’s a little under two months away, which feels like an eternity at this point, but I have no doubt with the weather getting nicer, that the time will fly by and we’ll be sipping mojitos by the fireside before we know it.

In the freaky little daydream montage that loops in my head when I think about the trip –  these are the outfits I would be wearing!!

x (3)

1.  Lauren Moffatt Cannonball Bikini… 2. J Crew Marina Mini Wedge Espadrilles in Chambray… 3. Steven Alan Sunhat… 4. J Crew Tartine Tote… 5. Essie “Tart Deco” Nailpolish 


1. La Garconne Mariniere Tee… 2. La Garconne Moderne Apron Skirt… 3. Karen Walker Anytime Sunglasses… 4. Alloy & Ore Terrarium Necklace 5. Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu … 6. Essie in Madison Avenhue… 7. Rachel Comey Etrit Sandals 

x (2)

1. Academy Particular Necklace … 2. Steven Alan Dorian Top … 3. Steven Alan Shawl Collar Cardigan … 4. APC Sandales Bi Matiere … 5. Karen Walker Number One’s in Vanilla Wood … 6. Cheap Monday Denim Cutoffs

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