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Larkspur Vintage | Tying a Head ScarfWe all have days when our hair is messy and greasy and just downright rebelling against us. In most cases a ponytail/topknot or hat would be a suitable solution, but what about changing things up a bit and adding a little interest to any outfit with a headscarf around your rats nest, a la 40s/50s housewife? This scarf tying technique also works great for when you are sleeping with rags, pins or curlers in overnight and want to prevent anything from moving about or – dare I say it – falling out. This look is for both functionality and style.
Larkspur Vintage | Tying a Head Scarf1. fold your scarf in half so it comes to peak, much like a triangle you learned about in some math class
2. place the scarf around your shoulders with the peak facing downward (towards your butt) and the other pieces hanging over top of your shoulders, like a shawl
Larkspur Vintage | Tying a Head Scarf3. pull the peak over top of your head, creating this lovely draping effect; in my case, I wanted to leave my bangs (fringe) out, so I only pulled it over my head as far as my bangs
4. take the two loose ends and pull them over top of your peak while holding it in place (this is when having 3 arms would be nice), shifting and tightening the head scarf to your desired look. at this point you can pull out any pieces of hair or put them back into your headscarf
Larkspur Vintage | Tying a Head Scarf5. now tie the loose ends into a bow; I also tied my peak into the bow as well so I didn’t have a weird piece hanging over my bangs
6. you are done and you look like a lovely 40s/50s housewife, which from a feminist standpoint could be a bad thing, but we aren’t talking about that now are we? so in this case, it is very good
Larkspur Vintage | Tying a Head ScarfLarkspur Vintage | Tying a Head Scarf*check out my other beauty and tutorial posts here.