Home Sweet Home / Organizing The Bedroom

As I had mentioned in a previous post, Ryan and I have been reorganizing our apartment in true Spring form. I guess you never fully saw my bedroom before we moved things, save for some style posts where I was in my bedroom (here, here, here, here, here, here and here), so you have nothing to really compare it to, but I can assure you things are looking up. One of my main goals was to have my clothes that need hanging to be a bit more organized, so that I actually know what I own. The truly unfortunate thing about our apartment is that we have one closet, and it’s in the livingroom (stupid, I know.). We do have some storage in the basement, shared with one of our neighbours, but we mostly keep things that we have no space for down there (ie, my boxes of vintage for my shop). So as you can guess, our closet was a disaster. It was a storage/my clothing closet…a true mess of a space. It was so disorganized, I hated opening it to get clothes out of it. Obviously my clothes are really important to me, and having a closet that is organized and showcases the things I own in a clean and presentable way is super important to me. So, I decided my only option, if I wanted to have things my way, was to get a clothing rack. Now, I actually have two metal, basically industrial sized racks for when I do vintage pop-ups, but those were way too big for our bedroom. I ended buying this shit one from Walmart which I’m afraid will probably topple over in the near future, which means I probably need to head to Ikea to get a more sturdy one, but for the time being it works and eases my anal mind (ha, she said anal). Now I can actually see my clothes and know what I own so that I can wear them. This obviously isn’t the entirety of our bedroom, I really don’t feel it’s ready for a room tour at this point, I’m still looking to get us a new bed frame because I threw out our old one, and Ryan’s side of the room needs a bit of work (yes, we have sides…clothing side, guitar side. ha!). So hopefully one day I’ll be able to share our bedroom with you. For now you’ll have to deal with this.