Vintage Charm

_MG_3414I follow a few design blogs looking for inspiration, but mostly making myself crazy seeing those with beautiful old homes that have been so well preserved. While a lot of the interior styling I see is lovely, a lot is not to my taste, but I do come across a few that I fall absolutely in love with and that I feel reflect my aesthetic (even if I don’t have the resources to make it happen just yet). This home in Vancouver BC being one of them. I must admit, I’ve become a fan of all white walls and clean, minimal spaces (not too minimal), but I think it’s important to have pops of colour and things around the home that make it feel like it’s actually a home and not a model one. This home feels like it has all those things…minimal, clean, colourful and lived-in with it’s quirky decor and vintage charm. (source)

What do you guys think? What does your ideal home look like?