Into It, Intimates / The Loved One

11_01Well it’s due time I talk about The Loved One‘s lingerie, but if you’ve been a reader of mine for awhile you likely already know how enamored I am with this American-made lingerie line and vintage retailer, founded by Elvia Lahman and Hannah Metz. However, it would be silly of me not to include TLO in my new series, so here we are. The Loved One is indeed my favorite intimates line (no surprise there). It’s rare I find an intimates brand that I would absolutely buy every single piece from, but I can honestly say that is the case with TLO. Their aesthetic is one I feel a real kinship to, and it seems like each piece was specifically made for someone just like me – a lingerie brand after my own heart. My love for them is likely due to the fact that each piece feels authentically vintage, even though it is new. Having a modern take on vintage-inspired lingerie can be great, but I think it can be wonderful to just recreate styles popular in eras past. Afterall, it’s so hard to find vintage lingerie that is in good condition at a reasonable price point, and well, sometimes people just don’t like wearing other peoples old panties (I can’t purport to be one of those people though). I’m not sure of their plans to release new styles any time soon, they have had a few of these for quite awhile now, not that I’m complaining, but I’d love to see what they come up with next, and I’m sure you agree.

My favorites: Agony of Love knickers, gold Sin In The Suburbs knickers, Ballet Pink Fuego Top, She Should Have Stayed In Bed Bralette, One Shocking Moment Bra (already own it, teehee), How To Make A Doll bustier
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Into It, Intimates / Fortnight Lingerie SS’14

10402512_727633857278763_1454697453866578159_nMost intimates I own I have either thrifted or found at a vintage shop, but I have to say, good quality vintage under garments are not easy to come by. So I began to look for intimates that looked and had a vintage feel, but were actually new. Enter, Fortnight Lingerie, designed and manufactured here in Toronto (416 represent!) and the first independent brand of lingerie that I owned a lovely brassiere and pantie set from. Fortnight sort of began my obsession of searching for other independent lingerie brands with a similar aesthetic. Fortnight has a lovely, soft feminine vibe with incredibly durable craftsmanship. You can really wear their lingerie. When I wear my set, I never feel like they might get damaged. That’s important to me. While I own plenty of delicate intimates that I love dearly, they are mostly for show. Both are good, but if I am going to pay a pretty penny for a garment, I want it to be worth it, ie., get it’s wear and not fall apart in the process. The great thing about this brand is that it’s the sort of intimates you can wear under your clothing quite comfortably, but they have some great brassiere with enough coverage and cool color combinations that, if you so choose, you could wear a shear top and treat the bra as an outfit detail. It’s simple, feminine, quality pieces with just the right amount of interesting detail. I’ll always be a fan of this brand, not only because of my affinity to Toronto-made garments, but because you can really trust in the love and care that goes into each piece.

My favourites (from the newest collection): Luna Longline Champagne set, Vega Triangle Bra, Vega Longline Sky set, Mira Longline Peace/Sky set

*lookbook shot by Arden Wray


Into It, Intimates / Miss Crofton

2h7eyo3I’m always on the lookout for vintage-inspired intimates, and bookmarking garments I know I would like to own once I feel like I have the extra money to spend on pieces that are a little more expensive than your average big store brands/companies. The smaller brands feel like they keep the customer in mind and create pieces that are special and for all types of women, either for everyday use, or that special occasion, and Miss Crofton does just that. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, from playful seaside imagery and vintage florals, to the 1950’s silhouette. The high quality pieces are entirely hand made and are either part of a limited edition run, or a one off design.” I found Miss Crofton through instagram (thnx insta) and immediately went to the website to see what they are all about. I knew right away it would be a brand I’d like and keep in mind. While we generally have our bras and panties hidden from the world, it’s nice to have something special that is just for you and makes you feel like shaking your lil butt (or full butt, for you lucky curvy women). Each of these pieces has a fun summery feel, and I’m especially enamoured with the “Lovely Lace” white lace set with the high waisted knickers (obviously). Pop by their online shop today, I promise you and your lady bits will not be disappointed.

*since I love lingerie/intimates so much, I’m going to be starting a new weekly series sharing the different brands I have come across. I hope you like it!

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