Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for all the kind words on my last Monday post – either through comments or emails, it was sweet and really warmed my heart. Since then I am feeling significantly better. Ever upward! I am so lucky to have such beautiful people surrounding me each and every day. So thanks life, you’re cool.

As for this weekend, it was filled with plenty of lovely humans & things, which I’ll be sharing throughout the week since I documented most of it with my trusty camera. I feel like I’ve been lagging with the shop a bit. Preparing for the Maker’s Market had me putting shop updates on hold, and then I was actually living my life, which left little time to photograph new listings, and well, you know how that goes. I need like 4 extra hours in the day I guess. However, I’ve got some exciting plans in the works. Meg and I are collaborating on a wintery photo shoot in the near future (I can’t wait to work with her again). And I’m starting to plan Larkspur’s Winter lookbook. A little late in the season, but better late than never, no? My creative juices are flowing these days, and I so want to share some magic with you all.









Negligee: thrifted vintage


lust-1Bralette and Bloomer set at ThreadBeat

Today I thought I’d share some hats, negligee and lingerie I have been lusting over for the passed, I dunno, too long. I hope to one day just be an old lady with an abundance of hats and negligee that I no longer have any real use for, but that just sit covering my home like pieces of artwork.

I just recently bought some vintage pillowcases to fulfil this old lady desire of mine. They reminded me greatly of Grandparents’ homes with mismatched eyelet and lace pillowcases just covering the bed, and I thought, yes, I must have these. I promptly told Matt of my purchase and he was not as thrilled as I. I guess the idea of placing his head on used pillowcases is not that appealing…I, however, am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

lust-240’s Bed Jacket at Betty and Babs

lust-3Vintage Robe at English Trifles

lust-41930’s Tap Panties at La Meow Vintage

lust-51920’s Camisole at La Meow Vintage

lust-71960’s vintage hat at Storyland Vintage

lust-81940’s Floral Crown at Storyland Vintage

lust-91940’s Bed Jacket at Tender Vintage

lust-10Vintage Floral Hat at Strawberry Koi

lust-111950’s Floral Bridal Headpiece at Bee Dee Vintage

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