Ways To Wear: One Scarf Worn Five Ways

Larkspur Vintage | One Scarf Five WaysIt actually feels like winter now, so having a scarf wrapped around my neck is an absolute necessity. I wear my scarf many a ways, depending on the strength of wind and chill in the air, so I figured I’d show you those ways, and maybe you’ll learn something new (or you won’t) and you can let me know how you like to style your scarf. You guys seemed to really take to this scarf on instagram (which I’m sorry, was from last season) so I figured I’d use her for this post. I’m here to please.
Larkspur Vintage | One Scarf Five WaysDo The Wrap Around: A favourite. Just wrap around the neck; you can let your end pieces hang evenly, or maybe one longer than the other, like so.
Larkspur Vintage | One Scarf Five WaysShawl We: When it’s real blustery out it’s sometimes nice to treat your scarf as a shawl/blanket (that’s if you have a massive – ie., Lenny Kravitz – scarf like this); just drape over your shoulders and pretend your bed is spending the day with you.
Larkspur Vintage | One Scarf Five WaysGreat Ascot!: I don’t do this one often, but if it’s real windy, you can be sure this style will keep the scarf on your neck; just pull one end of your scarf through, just the way you would tying a shoe lace to create this ascot-y vibe.
Larkspur Vintage | One Scarf Five WaysDon Draper: Well, an obvious one I guess, but a one no less. Just wrap and drape one end over the shoulder. This look is smart, but slightly annoying on a windy day.
Larkspur Vintage | One Scarf Five WaysBubble Bubble Cowl and Trouble: I like this one a lot; it looks good, it’s easy to do and it keeps your neck warm (not to mention it feels like a neck pillow). Just fold your scarf in half, place along the back of your neck and pull the loose ends through the loop.

Scarf: H&M (similar, similar)
Jeans: H&M (similar)
Sweater: thrifted