Nanushka AW ’14


Until very recently I had never heard of Hungarian designer Sandra Sandor and her label, Nanushka. I took quite a liking to this label almost immediately. The colors in her AW ’14 collection are absolutely to die for. I’m particularly smitten with the olive green garments paired with the beautiful salmon pieces – it’s like these two hues were mean’t for eachother (forever and ever, in holy matrimony). While I may dress pretty feminine most of the time, I generally try to incorporate some bit of men’s wear pieces into my outfits (button ups, oxford shoes et. al.), which is why I think this collection speaks to me. While the styling may feel a bit too normcore and sporty for my taste (save for a few), I could see myself having any one of these pieces in my wardrobe and styling them to my taste. All around it’s a fun collection with a lot of beautifully tailored pieces and just the right colors for Fall/Winter.

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Vivetta F/W ’14


vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20147Vivetta‘s signature style has always been one of surrealism, vintage silhouettes, clean lines with an odd femininity to them. It’s a style I can really get down with. While it may not feel like Fall at all yet, and well, it isn’t Fall yet, I’m starting to figure out what sort of things I’d like to be wearing during the colder months. Vivetta F/W 2014 has been a real inspiration for me. Just because it’s fall/winter doesn’t mean we need to put away the bright hues. In fact, there may not be a better time than during the grey and dreary days to adorn ourselves in cheery colors. I love the pops of surrealism in Vivetta’s garments. It’s probably my favourite part, aside from the vintage inspired silhouettes. It’s the right amount of classic with an undeniable originality that makes them stand-out as a brand that is wholly it’s own. I’ve really been feeling matching sets lately (like the image above), and I think I’m going to need to find myself a few to add to my closet. Maybe I’ll even treat myself to a piece from this brand. Although, I’ll probably only be able to afford the hands collar, which is fine, because it’s basically the best thing ever created.

vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20142 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20143 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20148 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-20149 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201410 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201411 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201412 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201413 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201414 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201415 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201416 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201417 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201418 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201420 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201421 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201422 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201423 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201424 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201425 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201426 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201427 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201428 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201429 vivetta-look-book-autumn-fall-winter-201430

Oy Vey Soleil


It has finally been mild enough to venture outdoors to snap some photos. For the past few weeks I’ve been avoiding the outdoors at all costs. When there are weather alerts for extreme cold, aka you could get frost bite on exposed skin within five minutes (wtf?!), it’s just really not something I’m willing to risk. I will happily sit indoors, eating pizza (i have a problem), under blankets, re-watching episodes of Breaking Bad and googling questionable things. I am at that point in winter where I’m just ready for it to be over. All the exciting parts of this chilly season are over, and I’m ready to suit up in my hiking uniform and explore the outdoors with the sun actually producing warmth.

Okay, whining aside, I did a little interview and hair tutorial over at Cut Out + Keep. You should check it out! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was quite restful, although today it really feels like I could use some more (and she whines again). Happy Monday, stay warm (depending where you are).












Blouse: vintage via Public Butter
Skirt: thrifted J.Crew
Coat: thrifted H&M
Belt: thrifted
Scottish tam: vintage shop in Almont,ON.
Boots: Topshop
Tights: Joe Fresh

Cutting Ice to Snow (with your legs)


I am currently visiting my family in Ottawa for the holidays. It has been one year since I visited my home-city, which seems totally insane, considering it’s only 6 hours away (bad daughter!). Needless to say, this time of year is always a special one for me. Snow and ice made it a bit of challenge to actually get here, but we made it safe and sound…until these photos. The snow in these photos was up to my knees, and about half way through taking them I really regretted my decision (like REALLY regretted). My finger tips still don’t feel right, and the snow literally cut my legs until they were bleeding. I came wearing pants, but could not get them back on because they had frozen from being wet. The pants-less trudge back home was a treacherous one. It was all around one of the less smart decisions I have made in my life. However, it’s sometimes hilarious to know the things that happen behind the scenes. Sometimes things look so right, and that they exist perfectly within their own realm. But really, if you saw what was happening during the whole experience you would A) wonder if I even had a brain and B) consider rescuing me from my own stupidity.

Anyways, it happened, I came away with some decent shots, and I still have all my fingers and toes…so not a bad day. I am now off to decorate our tree and wrap some presents for my family. I hope everyone has a very lovely Christmas Eve.







DSC_0462Dress: a little boutique in Toronto (cant remember name)
Headpiece: handmade by my Mother

Winter Wonderland


I’m sort of holiday obsessed right now (who isn’t?). More specifically, I’m holiday dress obsessed. Last year I had this really wonderful vintage emerald green velvet dress with a scalloped neckline for the holidays, and while it’s still a favorite, I want something new (to me). Deep greens are always a favorite of mine for the holiday season, but when I look at White Pepper’s Winter Wonderland editorial, I’m kind of like, well, maybe not all holiday themed things need to be gold, red and green. Maybe we’ve entered an era of wintery pastels and gingham, and gothy vibes (my 16yr old self would say, very yes please!). I’m pretty into it. But, I’m not sure I’m totally sold. Maybe I’ve just become a traditional gal when it comes to these things. Although, the gold dresses in this editorial are really catching my eye (still pretty traditional for the holidays, but not something I ever find myself leaning towards) Maybe i’ll be a golden gal this year?! Or, if I could just look like this…I’d be pretty okay with that.