Easiest ever DIY sugar scrub


I recently took up hot yoga classes at a studio near my place, and I can’t even believe how much I love it. It’s been hard to stop me from going every single day.  Tonight though, I skipped it, and cooked dinner for my friend Luke, who is leaving tonight, to Nepal, with his Mom and Brother, to hike to Base Camp One on Mount Everest!

I used to enjoy spending entire nights sprawled on my sofa, with the dogs, reading, or watching movies, but lately, I get restless – so, after Luke left, I got to making a sugar scrub I saw on Pinterest a few weeks ago. It might be the easiest thing you’ll ever make, and it actually is such a great scrub. Just equal parts coconut oil & sugar – melt the coconut oil (half a cup of coconut oil took 35 seconds in the microwave to melt), and pour the sugar in. Mix it, and pour it into the cutest container you have! It’s fairly rough, so I wouldn’t recommend using it on your face, or any sensitive skin areas, but it’s just about the best for hands, feet and arms.

The rest of the night, I indulged in all the most relaxing things I could think of – reading,hanging with my pups & drinking red wine (I shared some of that 1.5L bottle of cheap wine with Luke…I promise it wasn’t all for me). I’m so looking forward to this long weekend, since my parents and Sister are visiting, and we have LOADS of good stuff planned!








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