Plaid, Polka Dot, Sunglasses and Flowers

DSC_0481Could Spring actually be here? Sunday really did make us hopeful! The sun was shining and I actually felt over dressed when Meg and I took a stroll over to the corner store by our home. I quickly shed my scarf and even felt warm enough to take off my coat. Things are looking up!

It was Matt’s birthday this weekend. Unfortunately he had to work the majority of the day, so I snuck up to his place to leave some gifts, cupcakes(which ended top down on the floor and in Gus’ belly after he got his greedy little paws on them) and balloons for him. After setting up my sneaky surprise I headed over to the Salvation Army right across the street. I did a little thrifting for the shop, found some pretty awesome items to hang on my walls, and of course I could not stop myself from buying yet another vintage robe/nightie. At this point I am buying more sleepwear than actual day clothes, but I am okay with this, it’s nice to feel lovely even while lying on the couch watching Skins and being pretty much not a human.

Matt finished work a bit earlier than we expected, so I was able to take him out for a late dinner at Big Ragu, a nice little Italian restaurant at Lansdowne and St. Clair. We each ordered a pasta, although I kept snagging bites of his because it was so much better than mine! Matt and I tend to order the same meal any time we go out somewhere (which embarrasses me you guys!!), and I could not let it happen this time around…it was a mistake.











Dress vintage
Coat H&M
Cardigan,Belt,Bag thrifted
Socks Target
Shoes Bass
Sunglasses UO

Blouse UO
Skirt,Purse thrifted
Shoes Madewell
Sunglasses Philistine

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