With grace in your heart, and flowers in your hair

 To be honest, I don’t have much planned for this summer (I’m a big ol’ snooze). With Matt’s job, it’s difficult for us to plan a trip together. So I have booked only 1 week off from work thus far, and it may just turn out out to be a staycation, which, I am okay with, and which Gus will be overjoyed about. I’m leaving one week of vacation for a later time when maybe, just maybe, we can plan a trip somewhere together. Europe….I’m looking at you.
 However, Meg, me and some of our other pals do plan to rent a cottage for a weekend (if all our schedules permit). I made a few pretend outfits that would be fun to bring to a cottage, for a little beachy time, a little small town stroll time, some woodsy time, and just plain lounging time. Maybe these outfits are a bit fancy for a cottage, and shoes will probably not even exist on me feets. But if you know me, I pretty much live in dresses, and I can’t help myself when I find cute virtual apparel to make fun virtual “ya, you wish!” outfits.

The Beach Times

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