Farm Sanctuary


The highlight of my summer was being able to visit and take a tour of Farm Sanctuary. It wasn’t even really a planned event. Matt had booked our second camping trip in Watkins Glen, NY, and was browsing stuff to do there, and Farm Sanctuary came up. He mentioned it to me as something I’d maybe like to do since I love the fur/feather babies (not knowing I already knew much about this place). I was immediately bright eyed, and said “I KNOW FARM SANCTUARY!”

Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming, and to raise awareness and understanding about farm animals. They have three farms in the USA – Watkins Glen NY, Orland CA and Los Angeles CA. I’m telling you guys, this place is magical and beautiful in every way. I am a vegetarian solely for ethical reasons (the positive health benefits are just an added bonus really), so these issues are close to my heart. But I think even if you’re a meat-eater, you couldn’t help but feel the importance this place brings to the fight against animal abuse.

During our tour of the farm our guide told us stories about some of the animals that live on the farm now. I’ll avoid describing the horrifying, disgusting treatment and living conditions these animals were subject to. The stories were of no surprise to me. I know these stories. But to be able to see these animals thriving today, living without being used (and abused), is so heartwarming. I’m all smiles knowing there are places in the world that make a true difference.

DSC_0737newbies to the farm…mama cow who saved herself and her wee calf from a factory farm.






DSC_0757just doing some back scratches



DSC_0763he likes when you feed him apples from the apple tree


DSC_0766thinks he owns the farm

DSC_0767can now comfortably eat even though she was debeaked.




DSC_0773that little guy in the back had the craziest little white afro.


DSC_0775turkeys want the most attention



DSC_0785Hilda, a sheep, was the first animal saved by Farm Sanctuary

Blouse: borrowed from Meg
Shorts: vintage via Public Butter
Belt: thrifted
Socks: UO
Shoes: thrifted
Tote: Larkspur
Sunglasses: Philistine

*Side note – my outfit is nothing to write home about…but I figured if I was going to be tromping through potential poo filled fields of grass, I’d rather not wear Sunday’s best. I would also like to apologize for my lack outfit-based posts recently. I’ve been adventuring so much this summer, I’ve wanted to share more of my travels than the outfits I wear on a usual day (camping outfits are really just not exciting). I’m also trying to find my footing in the personal-style blogging world, and figuring out how I like to present the clothing I wear and love dearly. When Meg and I started out, we were doing just straight up shots, and it was all about the clothes. As my interest in photography grows, I would like to find a harmonious marriage between the clothing I wear, and the photographs I (or Matt) take.


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