vor2I’m not feeling 100% today. The last two weeks were very, very busy for me. Essentially, I juggle three jobs, leaving very little time for proper rest and relaxation. I am a workaholic, for lack of a better word. I do not know how to just sit down, and not do a thing (I used to be the guru of this). There is a constant to-do list running lapse around my head, and I must get everything done within the time frame I have methodically allotted for them. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I believe hard work and drive will take me to the places I hope to be in the near future. A curse, because my brain just malfunctions from lack of sleep, leaving me incredibly stressed sometimes. Does anyone else have a hard time balancing work and relaxation? I find it near impossible, and would love to know how to make this harmonious magic happen!

I thought this series Undone by Anna Williams for her project The Voracity, embodies relaxation entirely. Just looking at the pictures made me feel all floopy and calm. Like a cool breath of fresh air. Just teleport me into that home, and cut me a slice of that avocado.













2 thoughts on “Undone

  1. Patricia says:

    Hey, you’re not alone in the struggle to find balance haha. My brain experiences malfunctions from lack of sleep as well. Hang in there though, this doesn’t last forever. Even in the stress, treat yourself kindly, you deserve it.


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