Russian Doll

lindsey-wixson-by-emma-summerton-for-vogue-japan-december-2013This editorial in Vogue Japan’s December 2013 Issue killed my heart! Lindsey Wixson looks like the most glamorous russian doll I have ever laid eyes on. I mean, she already looks like a doll (those eyes and lips! not fair), but the clothes and styling are so reminiscent of Russian doll vibes, with a little sprinkle of Victorian perfection, it makes my heart skip a beat. We could all agree the headpieces could very well be the stars of the show. If I didn’t feel so insane walking down the street on a regular day wearing a headpiece, say, doing errands, I would do it, everyday (sometimes I wish I could just go back to my 10yr old self who would wear anything and everything without giving it a second thought). The most obvious reason for my love of this shoot is the print & pattern mixing. This editorial is the epitome of that, the very definition of why everyone should just walk around with at least two prints on their body at all times.

In closing, I have only this to say, bow ties, florals, headpieces, exquisite prints & doll woman…I love you all.

Editorial: The Anastasia Of Winter
Model: Lindsey Wixson
Photographer: Emma Summerton
Styling: Giovanna Battaglia (i want to be her)













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