Holiday Brunch


On Sunday Meaghan hosted a little holiday brunch for all the gal pals, which was a day of unabashed indulgence. I helped myself to about 3 mimosas, 3 eggnogs with some spiced whiskey, a crap ton of baked sweet & savory treats, veggie bacon and only a few pieces of fruit (i do not regret it, and neither does my stomach). To be honest, I didn’t even end up snapping shots of the table chalk full of goodies once everyone had arrived (it looks pretty bare in these photos. just like, “oh hey cookies. good breakfast. well done potluck crew.” I swear it was better than this). Once people started to flock in I forgot about my desire to share this day with you, and instead just let the mimosas and “super fun cool classic rap” holiday music take me away.






DSC_0093181536545ae511e38efc12bd4154f07b_8lil’ instagram photo of the remaining pals before watching The Holiday (not seen Meaghan, and everyone will hate me for posting this. ha!)

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