Winter Lights


There are several things I could say I love about TLO’s January look book. Firstly, it’s The Loved One, and they absolutely cannot go wrong, ever. Secondly, is a compilation of all things that are pretty wonderful (in my humble opinion). India Menuez is stunning, always. Hannah Metz’s creamy-edwardian-cozy styling is the sort of thing I would like to be wearing everyday for the rest of this miserable winter (yes, I am feeling totally disenchanted now). Agnes Thor always captures these magical moments, that always leaves my heart feeling full. The whole countryside setting for the look book is pretty spectacular as well (campfire, cute idea!). I recently watched My Summer of Love, and each shot feels like several scenes of the girls laying in tall grass, and mountain tops and day dreaming about a life unlike their own. This look book feels like that, mixed with The Virgin Suicides-esque dresses. It’s moody and ethereal and I love it.

Photographer: Agnes Thor
Model: India Menuez
Styling: Hannah Metz
Clothing: The Loved One
Footwear: Samantha Pleet











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