Succulent City

DSC_1023 Happy Monday morning friends! I have recovered from my tonsil illness, and am feeling quite healthy. I had an appointment with a specialist and will be getting these babies removed, although a date has not been set yet. Surgery feels a little frightening, but I don’t think I can continue getting tonsillitis several times a year. It is worth whatever little risk is involved with surgery if it will ensure I no longer get this sick.

I was starting to feel truly cooped up over the past week, so Meaghan and I decided to head to Allan Gardens Conservatory on Saturday to see living greenery (since all greenery is dead in the natural world of Toronto right now) and snap some shots for my blog, and The Vacant North. Winter can feel endless and truly uninspiring sometimes, so this was a much needed excursion, and girly time.

I wore one of my favourite dresses given to me by my pal Danielle, and then added this rust skirt (which is in the shop!!!) over top. Getting dressed in this cold weather has started to feel like a chore, and I find myself going back to the same outfit over and over, but sometimes if you have the time (and a boyfriend you can pester about what to wear) an outfit you never even considered just pops out at you and you are left pleasantly surprised.

I hope you all have a safe, warm and lovely Monday!

*photos by Meaghan













Dress: vintage
Skirt: thrifted vintage via Larkspur
Boots: Samantha Pleet x Wolverine


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