Beauty / My New Favourite Mascara

Up until very recently I had been using the same mascara for years, for no particular reason other than I’m a creature of habit and picking up that same mascara every time made my tendency to be indecisive far less debilitating. I didn’t give much thought to whether it enhanced my lashes to their full potential or not, and to be honest, I never much concerned myself with that because I have quite long, full lashes that often get mistaken for falsies. But, for one reason or another, I decided to pick up a different mascara and see how it worked for me. And oh boy, was there ever a difference! Enter, L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara, a silly name really, but to be honest, quite accurate. If I thought my lashes looked long and full before, this mascara enhanced them in such a significant way. An added bonus is that it lasts way longer than my previous mascara, so I don’t feel the need to apply more throughout the day, and it doesn’t clump! Thank god! I have a tendency to apply quite a lot of mascara because of my ginger, almost invisible lashes, so the fact that it does not clump is a life saver for those of us who need quite a bit of mascara to actually prove we have lashes.

If you are looking for a new mascara, I can’t suggest this one more. I didn’t think I’d ever be so excited about mascara in my life (what has my life come to!?), but here we are. A whole post dedicated to it.

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