Photo Diary: Montreal Part 1

I had such a busy, wonderful time in Montreal. It seems each time I visit I have a different experience that suits all aspects of myself. I’ve had some of my most memorable moments whilst in Montreal – making new friends, letting loose and staying up way past my bedtime because there is too much fun to be had. This time around it was a bit more laid back and relaxed, which is just as well because I wasn’t only there for pleasure (dancing is an exhausting thing, guys). Getting to spend an entire week with Kristen was the best. Going from living with someone and seeing them each and everyday to seeing them only a few times a year is a big bummer, especially when it’s someone as awesome as Kristen. As cheese as it sounds, whenever I spend time with her I feel like the best version of myself. I wish I could take a piece of her with me back to Toronto (okay okay, enough of the sappy sap).

I managed to get quite a few snaps on both my DSLR and iPhone of random things we saw and did during the week, so here is numeraux un.

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