Beauty: Drug Store Cheek Illuminators

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Drug Store Cheek IlluminatorsI’m not sure why, but this summer I became very into cheek highlighters and illuminators. Maybe it was from all the youtube videos I would watch of beauty gurus adding a little highlight to their cheek bones, creating this radiant and glowing look that was so lovely. I now feel like my makeup is incomplete unless I have a little highlight on my cheeks, so I thought it would be nice to share with you the drug store products I use most often to create an illuminated look on my cheeks.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Drug Store Cheek IlluminatorsRevlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator in 200 Pink Light: well this is not a new one to the blog. I love this product, and have had it for quite awhile now. I use this very last, after I have completed my cheeks, to give that extra bit of illumination for the final look. To apply, I squirt a bit onto my fingertip and dab along the cheek bone, blending as much as I can.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Drug Store Cheek IlluminatorsRevlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow: this is a newer product for me, but has quickly become part of my daily makeup routine. I like the idea of complimentary shimmer shades that when blended together gives your skin a natural glow. I apply this on my cheek bones, and a little bit on the apple of my cheeks. The colour is in no way over the top, but it adds a flushed look to your face and a nice shimmer when the sun hits your skin.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Drug Store Cheek IlluminatorsMaybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Rose Petal: Up until this point I had never really used a cream based blusher, but I have to say, I think I am a convert. It’s likely the packaging that called to me when I picked this product up, I mean, how cute does it look!? But that aside, I would definitely pick it up again. It’s a very subtle, build-able shade, that adds a really darling glow to the cheeks. I apply this after the palette above, just on the apple of my cheeks.

Tell my about your favourite highlighting products. Would you give any of these a go?

Beauty: Short Hair With Volume

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Short Hair With VolumeOne thing I knew when I cut my hair is that I wanted it to have lots of volume. I’ve actually had short hair for most of my life, so I know very well that when it is a shorter length, it has a tendency to fall rather flat with hairs going in every direction, if I allowed it to have it’s way. I’ve had quite a few questions about how to achieve this volume (not going to lie though, it does NOT always look like this), so I thought I’d share that with you all.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Short Hair With Volume1. Rag rolls! I’ve already shared a tutorial on how to rag your hair, so you can refer to that post, but there is a small difference. Since my hair is a bit graduated (ie, slightly shorter at the back), I can no longer roll up the hair at the back of my head (wish ya’ll could have seen me struggling). Instead, I have been doing about 4-6 rags (two-three on each side) at the front only.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Short Hair With Volume2. I had to come up with a way to get the back pieces curly, so I figured pseudo-pin curls made the most sense. I roll 4 sections into little buns at the back of my head, fastening them in place with bobby pins. I have never been good at pin curls, mostly because I don’t do them enough, so it’s a bit of a mess when I do it. But since having intact curls is not the aim here, the messiness actually works better for this look. Don’t got nimble, dainty fingers? You’ll be okay!
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Short Hair With Volume3. After my hair is all pinned and rolled, I use this technique with a scarf so that everything stays in place while I’m sleeping. I highly suggest wearing a scarf on your head if ever you are sleeping with rags, rollers or pins in your hair; it keeps everything in place, and stops the hair from being all weird and frizzy when you wake up.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Short Hair With Volume4. In the morning I take out my pins and rags, and then brush everything out so you get this bag, wavy, puff head. I will also add that the Wet Brush is amazing, which is honestly something I never thought I would say about a hair brush. Like the name ensues, you can use it to brush your hair while wet, but I also find it doesn’t break my hair or pull it, which was a major problem for me with all hair brushes.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Short Hair With Volume5. Your hair might seem a bit too crazy and big right after taking everything out and brushing it, but it will start to weigh down shortly. I usually guide it do so (because I’m impatient) by running my fingers through it and smoothing it down with my hands. Sometimes the pieces at the back are a bit strange, so I’ll use my curling iron to get them moving in the right direction. Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Short Hair With VolumeAnd that’s that! Pretty similar to how I use to curl my hair, but looks much different. This style should also hold for at least 2 days (maybe even 3, who knows!?). On the second day I use my curling iron just a wee bit to fix anything weird happening, but the volume is still there, which is all I really care about.

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Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short Hair

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairNow that my hair is short, I’ve been interested in figuring out hairstyles that I can do in a pinch, because even though my hair is at a much shorter length, it’s actually more maintenance, which means I have become perpetually late on early mornings. These hairstyles are not ground breaking, but they are super easy and take about 10 seconds, which is (as you know) very important to me.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairPigtails: not incredibly creative, but pigtails are great for the days when your hair is a bit unruly and you need to get it off your neck and face right quick. Pigtails don’t have to be for little gals anymore, friends.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairLow messy bun: I personally really love low messy buns. There are always those stray hairs that come loose from your bun when you have short hair, but because we are going for a messy look, it’s okay because it’s intentional…right?!
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairHalf up with a bow: a rather obvious choice for this length of hair is half up, but by adding a ribbon tied into a bow, it creates a very sweet and subtle look to an otherwise generic hairstyle.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: Four Quick Hairstyles For Short HairHeadband: I love short hair with a thick or thin headband. It feels very Blair Waldorf (who is forever and always my style icon). A simple headband can bring your plain hairs from blah to huzzah (I kind of hate myself for that one).

Bye Hair!

Larkspur Vintage | Bye Hair!After much deliberation and legitimate fear of letting go of my long locks, I finally cut my hair! It was time. My long hair was no longer making me feel good, but rather I’d look at pictures of myself and just see a sheet covering my head, and a serious horse lady hair vibe happening. I’m glad I grew my hair for so long. It is what I wanted after having a graduated pixie cut and then a weird mushroom cut while trying to grow it out (yes, it was truly the worst thing to happen to me). Really, long hair was my dream, and I got it, and then I got over it. So the only decision to make really was what kind of short(er) hair I wanted. After scouring my instagram of the short haired ladies I loved so much, and then talking with Gaby (queen hair, in my books), I came to the conclusion that the triangle shaped hair was what spoke to me. You know the hair that people try to avoid? Thick and messy at the bottom…ya that’s what I wanted. So here it is. However, styled quite tamely by my amazing stylist Michaela at Proudest Pony. I’m pretty smitten with it and look forward to playing around with it. Any tips you short haired ladies with triangle hairs have, please let me know ❤
Larkspur Vintage | Bye Hair!Larkspur Vintage | Bye Hair!Larkspur Vintage | Bye Hair!Blouse: F21 (old)

Beauty / 4 Favourite Red Lipsticks

Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Favourite Red LipsticksI think it’s clear by now that I love a good red lip. A red lip can really finish of  a look, it works well in all seasons and for more personal reasons, I like that it gives me the appearance of a more pronounced upper lip. Red lips and I have been friends for a long time, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite shades of red.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Favourite Red Lipsticks1. Fraise Remix by Bourjois – This colour is the newest addition to my collection, and not necessarily a true red; more of a fruity pink with red undertones and hints of coral. It looks quite matte in the bullet, but when applied comes out a bit frosty. I like how subtle this colour is, and that it actually suits my pale skin tone, unlike other pinky shades.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Favourite Red Lipsticks2. So Chaud by MAC – we all know this is a favourite of mine by now. This creamy matte lipstick in an orange/red shade is the perfect colour for my skin tone and I always feel my best wearing it. It applies so smoothly and I don’t find it to be too drying for a matte lipstick. It has an interesting way of looking quite red in low lighting and more orange in bright lighting.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Favourite Red Lipsticks3. 01 by Kate Moss – This is a classic red shade, and another one I find looks really great on pale skin. It’s a matte lipstick, and is incredibly pigmented. However, I do find it a bit drying and it doesn’t apply very smoothly, but to combat that I just add a little lip balm before application.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Favourite Red Lipsticks4. Dubonnet by MAC – This is a berry red shade that is best suited for the colder seasons as it’s quite a dark and rich colour. It looks matte in the bullet, but I find it comes out rather frosty and glossy on the lips and the application process can be a bit messy at times. Using it with a lip liner is ideal, as it helps to keep things clean looking.
Larkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Favourite Red LipsticksLarkspur Vintage | Beauty: 4 Favourite Red LipsticksLet me know in the comments below your favourite out of the four, and be sure to tell me any of your favourite red shades. I’m always on the hunt for a new one! ❤