Bye Hair!

Larkspur Vintage | Bye Hair!After much deliberation and legitimate fear of letting go of my long locks, I finally cut my hair! It was time. My long hair was no longer making me feel good, but rather I’d look at pictures of myself and just see a sheet covering my head, and a serious horse lady hair vibe happening. I’m glad I grew my hair for so long. It is what I wanted after having a graduated pixie cut and then a weird mushroom cut while trying to grow it out (yes, it was truly the worst thing to happen to me). Really, long hair was my dream, and I got it, and then I got over it. So the only decision to make really was what kind of short(er) hair I wanted. After scouring my instagram of the short haired ladies I loved so much, and then talking with Gaby (queen hair, in my books), I came to the conclusion that the triangle shaped hair was what spoke to me. You know the hair that people try to avoid? Thick and messy at the bottom…ya that’s what I wanted. So here it is. However, styled quite tamely by my amazing stylist Michaela at Proudest Pony. I’m pretty smitten with it and look forward to playing around with it. Any tips you short haired ladies with triangle hairs have, please let me know ❤
Larkspur Vintage | Bye Hair!Larkspur Vintage | Bye Hair!Larkspur Vintage | Bye Hair!Blouse: F21 (old)


17 thoughts on “Bye Hair!

  1. Anna C. (@annavintageowl) says:

    I’m loving your hair!! I saw it on Instagram and the first thing I thought was “WOW! It looks amazing!!”
    I have the same haircut! My inspiration at the time was Lucy Hale and then I wanted my bangs back so I went to the hair salon can cut it.
    I style it in so many ways and you can do so many things with it! You can do buns, curls, wavy, braids, etc.
    So many options!! 😀


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      awww thank you so much ❤ Yes, I'm pretty excited about styling it different ways. I tried sleeping in braids and it came out pretty nice. Still had to take a flat iron to some unruly pieces, but other than that it looked like the best kind of messy.
      Thanks for your ideas hair twin ❤


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