Beauty / 1940s Pigtail Loop Braids

Today I’m going to share a tutorial on how to do 1940s pigtail loop braids. I will say, I honestly feel this hairstyle works better for hair shorter than mine. I say this because I personally think it looks better when the loop holes aren’t so large (they mostly just get in the way when they are as big as mine) and it’s easier to get them to sit comfortably and closer to your posterior hairline at a shorter length. But, as you can see, I made it work, so this hairstyle works for many lengths. Okay, blahblahblah! The tutorial!
STEP ONE: Start by separating your hair just the way you would to make pigtails and then braid each section of hair. Simple as that. If you can braid your hair, then this is a cake walk. If you have shorter hair, you can set your braids a bit farther back, behind your ear, this way your loops won’t get in the way as much.
Processed with VSCOcam with n1 presetSurprise surprise, doing something weird with my braids…this time I made a braided beard.
Processed with VSCOcam with n1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n1 presetSTEP TWO: Take the end of your braid and fasten it to the base of your head with bobby pins – you can do this either on the inside of your hair, closer to your ear, or the outside, which I have done here because my hair is so heavy and it was nearly impossible to pin on the inside. This step is way easier with shorter, light hair, in my opinion. I needed a ton of pins to hold my braids in place, which doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing, but oh well. If you choose to do the outside, you can clean the look up a bit by hiding the ends of your hair inside the rest of your hair and fastening it with pins.  To finish it off tie a bow around your loops to achieve a more pulled together (and adorable) look.
Processed with VSCOcam with n1 presetAnd bam! Done! Another easy and cute hairstyle for all. If you guys have any hairstyles you’re interested in learning, let me know. I’d be happy to oblige!


Sur Ma Tête / The Mildred

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 presetMeet Mildred, a lovely 1940s black pillbox hat covered in feathers, sparkles and a super sexy veil – the temptress of my vintage hat collection. I received this hat from Billowy Vintage, owned by Jessica, one of the many awesome vintage sellers I have met through instagram and etsy. Its the sort of hat I imagine one would wear to a funeral in bygone eras, or something your mistress would wear, or like a really fashionable vampire (yes, I’m still watching Buffy, and I probably won’t stop referencing it until I’m done). My style has changed a lot since I was a teen, so much so that almost nothing I wore then would I wear now (that’s probably the case for a lot of people), but I can imagine my former goth self would have worn this hat. The dark and sexy feel of this hat is the very thing I love about it. It’s unlike any of my other hats, and for that it’s a very dear piece in my collection.

Name: Mildred
Age: 70-75yrs (1940s)
Talents: She’ll make you feel like you’re the only one, her feathers give an air of elegance, under her veil she’ll keep all your secrets, on the most somber of days she’ll brighten it with her sparkles
Processed with VSCOcam with n3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 preset1940s hat: vintage via Billowy Vintage
Blouse: thrifted

Orla Kiely Fall 2014


As always, Orla Kiely has brought us an undeniably adorable vintage-inspired collection. While she never really steps outside the box in terms of designs, it’s a line you can always count on for decidedly retro pieces, covetable by every vintage-wearing gal out there. I think pretty well every piece I wouldn’t mind owning, but I’m quite enamored with the above look. The trousers and swing coat in a monochromatic dusty rose is just the sort of thing I would like to be wearing (i know, right? trousers!?) come the colder temperatures (i know, right? why are we talking about cold weather?!). The whole collection feels very 60s, with a little Cher Horwitz-90s sprinkled throughout. I would also like to mention how great the shoes are in this collection! I love the 40s/70s vibes they are giving off. T-straps will never get old in my eyes, but t-straps with a platform and a big sturdy heel, well by George, i think she’s got it! However, the most noteworthy part of this whole collection…the very best thing ever designed…the Bichon purse! BICHONS! C’mon! That purse was invented for me. That breed is one of the most under-appreciated breeds when it comes to novelty dog breed accessories, and near impossible to find. While the bichon they included in the lookbook is very cute – I think it may be a poodle/bichon mix though, and the final one is definitely a toy poodle – I think we could all agree Gus would have been a better choice. He just got groomed, so his head is even the shape of the purse right now. True rounded bichon head. Anyways, I-NEED-THAT-PURSE.

*you can view the whole presentation here.4913791012131617202324262728313233353637444850515456


It’s a shop update!

DSC_05191940’s Pale Green Drop Waist Dress (S/M)

And we’re back! I apologize for the lengthy hiatus on shop updates. With a new man in my life, the holidays, and just really getting back into the swing of things, I was having a hard time getting around to listing items. I took these photos about 2 weeks ago, and am only getting around to posting them now. Sometimes there is so much goodness going on in your non-internet real life, that its hard (or your don’t want) to step away from it. I am finding myself at a point where I need to find the balance in it all, so I’m not giving myself self-inflicted anxiety over all that needs, and should, be done.

Anyways, only four new items for you today, but all quite lovely pieces. Come on by the shop and have a look-see.

DSC_05611990’s Brown & Pumpkin Tartan High Waisted Pencil Skirt (S)

DSC_06041990’s Black Velvet Turtle Neck Shirt (M)

DSC_05861980’s Wine Button Up Sweater Vest (S/M/L)

Velvet & Cable Knit

DSC_05011. 1970’s Cream Fishermans Knit Pullover (XS/S)

It’s hard to come by a good cable knit pullover. Depending on how you like the fit, it can seem like an endless expedition to find the right one. That being said, I have a pretty great one in the shop today. If you’re not really an over-sized pullover kind of person, this one checks off all the boxes in terms of color, fit and warmth. I also listed some pretty sweet velvety softness (makes you want to touch your own thighs all day), and an amazing 1940’s dress. When I’m wearing it I honestly feel like it takes me back to the Dust Bowl days. Pairing it with the Blixen Boots, it’s like a Dust Bowl match made in heaven. And last but NOT least…the novelty print dress. GAH! If this dress fit me, it would be going nowhere. I originally bought it for myself without trying it on (stupid). I was obsessed the second I saw it. It’s just the right amount of sweet with weirdness. Its glorious! Come check out the shop today. These items want to come home with you!

DSC_05252. 1990’s High Waisted Emerald Green Velvet Pencil Skirt (S/M)

DSC_05633. 1990’s High Waisted Black Velvet Skirt (S)

DSC_05084. 1940’s Mint Green Pinstripe Eyelet Ruffle Dress (S/M)

DSC_05785. 1960’s Novelty Print Peterpan Collar Dress (XS)