Velvet & Cable Knit

DSC_05011. 1970’s Cream Fishermans Knit Pullover (XS/S)

It’s hard to come by a good cable knit pullover. Depending on how you like the fit, it can seem like an endless expedition to find the right one. That being said, I have a pretty great one in the shop today. If you’re not really an over-sized pullover kind of person, this one checks off all the boxes in terms of color, fit and warmth. I also listed some pretty sweet velvety softness (makes you want to touch your own thighs all day), and an amazing 1940’s dress. When I’m wearing it I honestly feel like it takes me back to the Dust Bowl days. Pairing it with the Blixen Boots, it’s like a Dust Bowl match made in heaven. And last but NOT least…the novelty print dress. GAH! If this dress fit me, it would be going nowhere. I originally bought it for myself without trying it on (stupid). I was obsessed the second I saw it. It’s just the right amount of sweet with weirdness. Its glorious! Come check out the shop today. These items want to come home with you!

DSC_05252. 1990’s High Waisted Emerald Green Velvet Pencil Skirt (S/M)

DSC_05633. 1990’s High Waisted Black Velvet Skirt (S)

DSC_05084. 1940’s Mint Green Pinstripe Eyelet Ruffle Dress (S/M)

DSC_05785. 1960’s Novelty Print Peterpan Collar Dress (XS)

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