Shop Larkspur Late Summer Collection

photo (15)You can now shop Larkspur’s late summer collection online! Many of the pieces would transition nicely into a Fall/Winter wardrobe, so do not fret if Summer is coming to a close in your region. Pop by the shop today to take a look. I’d love to have you.

I will be going out of town this weekend, so anything purchased from today until Friday, Aug. 29th will be shipped on Tuesday, Sept. 2nd.

Shop Update (!!!)

DSC_36651. Floral Longsleeve Collared Button-up Blouse (M)

Well it has been a long while since I updated the shop, but I spent all week adding new items, so here we are! I’m hoping to get back to my old routine and get the shop back to what is was, in all it’s colorful glory. As usual, we have florals, collars and high waists. Pop by the shop today to take a gander, maybe something will catch your eye.

DSC_36502. 1990’s Denim Embroidered Collared Shirt (S/M)

DSC_36223. Floral Jacket (S/M)

DSC_36824. Floral Buttery Yellow High Waisted Skirt (S/M)

DSC_37065. Deep Moss Green High Waisted Pencil Skirt (S/M)

DSC_36316. Navy Collared Shortsleeve Button-up (S/M)

DSC_36967. Pale Pink Accordion Midi Skirt (M/L)

New Goodies at Larkspur

DSC_10801960’s inspired buttery yellow peter pan collar blouse

Again, I had a wee hiatus with shop updates, but we are back with some very lovely pieces, indeed. All items are still perfect for this chilly season, and some great for the warmer months to come. I’m also offering a discount on everything in the shop, from today until Thursday, Feb. 13th (one week!!!). Enter coupon code WINTERGTFO to receive 15% off your order.

Come by the shop today, I’d love to have you!

DSC_10551980’s novelty print button up

DSC_11221970’s handmade midi length tunic dress

DSC_11051970’s pumpkin orange wool & mohair knit cardigan

DSC_11711960’s high waisted wool tartan skirt

It’s a shop update!

DSC_05191940’s Pale Green Drop Waist Dress (S/M)

And we’re back! I apologize for the lengthy hiatus on shop updates. With a new man in my life, the holidays, and just really getting back into the swing of things, I was having a hard time getting around to listing items. I took these photos about 2 weeks ago, and am only getting around to posting them now. Sometimes there is so much goodness going on in your non-internet real life, that its hard (or your don’t want) to step away from it. I am finding myself at a point where I need to find the balance in it all, so I’m not giving myself self-inflicted anxiety over all that needs, and should, be done.

Anyways, only four new items for you today, but all quite lovely pieces. Come on by the shop and have a look-see.

DSC_05611990’s Brown & Pumpkin Tartan High Waisted Pencil Skirt (S)

DSC_06041990’s Black Velvet Turtle Neck Shirt (M)

DSC_05861980’s Wine Button Up Sweater Vest (S/M/L)

New in the shop!

DSC_01951980’s Ivory Faux Leather Purse with Bow Detail

And we’re back! What has it been…like 1 month? I’m uncertain, it’s been awhile that’s for sure. But I promise regular shop updates coming your way from now on (hmm, maybe Christmas will cause some problems). I recently received two large boxes of vintage purses/handbags/clutches from a family friend, so this week is of course chalk full of them. This hasn’t even really made a dent in the amount I have sitting around my home right now, but we must start somewhere. Pop by the shop today, maybe one will catch your eye and make a nice friend for your holiday/new year’s eve outfits?!

DSC_02021990’s Wine & Tar Leather Handbag/Purse

DSC_02151980’s Silver Lame Clutch/Handbag

DSC_02171980’s Ivory & Red Faux Leather Clutch/Purse

DSC_02211980’s Ivory Leather Handbag

DSC_02351990’s Black Leather Purse

DSC_02301980’s Wine Leather & Suede Purse/Clutch