New in the shop!

DSC_01951980’s Ivory Faux Leather Purse with Bow Detail

And we’re back! What has it been…like 1 month? I’m uncertain, it’s been awhile that’s for sure. But I promise regular shop updates coming your way from now on (hmm, maybe Christmas will cause some problems). I recently received two large boxes of vintage purses/handbags/clutches from a family friend, so this week is of course chalk full of them. This hasn’t even really made a dent in the amount I have sitting around my home right now, but we must start somewhere. Pop by the shop today, maybe one will catch your eye and make a nice friend for your holiday/new year’s eve outfits?!

DSC_02021990’s Wine & Tar Leather Handbag/Purse

DSC_02151980’s Silver Lame Clutch/Handbag

DSC_02171980’s Ivory & Red Faux Leather Clutch/Purse

DSC_02211980’s Ivory Leather Handbag

DSC_02351990’s Black Leather Purse

DSC_02301980’s Wine Leather & Suede Purse/Clutch

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