Three Wise Monkeys

10178043_1378167762471657_991497049825960013_nI don’t talk about dance much on here, for whatever reason. It’s a huge part of my life, however. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 yrs old, and when most kids were hanging out with their friends after school and on weekends, I was at the dance studio, in the classes I had every night and rehearsing the many, many competitive dance routines I was in each year. Dance has been the most consistent thing in my life – I’ve just always been doing it. I’m not sure I’ve ever really mentioned what it is exactly that I do. I started training quite young in ballet – which I’ve posted about before – that’s where it all began. I’m trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, hip hop and contemporary. My main and most loved style is contemporary, but since moving to Toronto several years ago, I do a lot of hip hop, which I guess is my other main style. I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate my dance things into this space. I’m in the very very beginning stages of starting a new project with a dear friend who I have been dancing with for several years now. It’s something I’m really excited about, and will be something I can share with all of you since it will be mostly “web-based”. Dance is very much my art, and I keep it very close to my heart, but I think I want to open up a bit and allow others into that world (not just those very close to me).

These photos are from a piece I was in called ‘Three Wise Monkeys’, choreographed by my amazing friend and dance mama, Shameka Blake, and danced with two really truly amazing & inspiring dancers, Alvin Collantes and Chantelle Mostacho. Photographs by E.S. Cheah.


Dabda at The Toronto Fringe Festival


Remember Larkspur’s pop-up a few weeks back? Well all that fun was to raise funds for the Dabda stage production choreographed by Alvin Collantes and Hayley Paone, which will be opening tomorrow, at the Toronto Fringe Festival. For lovers of theatre, dance, film, vintage clothing, the 1940’s and just plain old talent, this is a show I wouldn’t want to miss (and I won’t!).

The dancers will be telling a story of 7 teenagers, growing up in the 1940’s, exploring all the fun, questionable and rebellious things teens do. Sounds good right? Sure does!

Check out the flyer for more details! And maybe take a gander at their trailer!


Project Dabda Benefit Show


The turnout at the Project Dabda Benefit Show was amazing! I have always said, dancers are some of the most supportive people around, and last night proved me so very right. I am so happy for Alvin and Hayle, I don’t think they could have asked for a better night. Both Meg and I are so glad they asked us to take part. There is nothing I love more than a night of dance, Larkspur slinging, and supporting some wonderful humans.

The benefit was filled with amazing dancers (ahem, Emma Portner, Alvin Collantes, Taveeta Szymanowicz!!!), some local artwork, Tamerra Lynn Herres selling her goodies from L.L.A.M., some delicious snacks (those brownies!), PBR (again!), and of course, yours truly, selling our vintage.

We took as many photos as we could, but I spent a lot of time having my breath taken away (1,2,3,4, maybe 5 times) by all the talent, and eating snacks with Meg.

Big thanks again to Alvin and Hayle for supporting us, and all my dancing pals who came out. And of course Matt, for helping us pack and carry things! Oh! And Kira, for letting us borrow her car! This summer has started out great for Larkspur! Lots of exciting things ahead, including our lookbook that we will be shooting next weekend. So keep an eye out.


















dabda21Meaghan – Blooming Leopold dress, thrifted denim jacket, Madewell shoes, Topshop necklace
Alex – thrifted blouse and skirt, handmade bow tie, vintage hat via Public Butter, UO socks, Madewell sandals

Ever Upward


These photos are from a few weeks ago, when Matt and I took a stroll in the ravine. At the time I was being silly, and enjoying such a beautiful day by frolicking barefoot in the forest. The following day my skin formed some sweet little rashes, along with the urge to scratch my skin off. I was kicking myself for thinking I could just lie in random bushes and grass without considering my very sensitive ginger skin (I don’t actually regret it). Luckily, it was not poison ivy.  Phew!

As for this past weekend, Meaghan and I went thrifting for the shop at a movie clothing sale they put on every couple months at some of the film studios here in Toronto. We brought Kira and our friend John along with us. The vintage goods weren’t exactly on the cheap side, but we did come back with some pretty amazing things that weren’t out of our budget. We are keeping them hidden away until we shoot our lookbook because they are that good!

This coming Sunday, my friend Alvin (one of the most talented dancers I have ever had the pleasure to dance alongside) asked us to participate in his benefit show for his upcoming stage production. Alvin and Hayle’s piece is about teens growing up in the 1940’s – a coming of age story, if you will. We provided some of our vintage for a photo shoot they had a couple months ago. And this time around, he asked us to have a little pop-up at the benefit. We will be there, along with some crazy talented dancers in Toronto. If your Sunday is free, come visit us, see some cool dancing and maybe bid on some stuff at the silent auction.
















vintage dress, handmade hair bow

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