Three Wise Monkeys

10178043_1378167762471657_991497049825960013_nI don’t talk about dance much on here, for whatever reason. It’s a huge part of my life, however. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 yrs old, and when most kids were hanging out with their friends after school and on weekends, I was at the dance studio, in the classes I had every night and rehearsing the many, many competitive dance routines I was in each year. Dance has been the most consistent thing in my life – I’ve just always been doing it. I’m not sure I’ve ever really mentioned what it is exactly that I do. I started training quite young in ballet – which I’ve posted about before – that’s where it all began. I’m trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, hip hop and contemporary. My main and most loved style is contemporary, but since moving to Toronto several years ago, I do a lot of hip hop, which I guess is my other main style. I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate my dance things into this space. I’m in the very very beginning stages of starting a new project with a dear friend who I have been dancing with for several years now. It’s something I’m really excited about, and will be something I can share with all of you since it will be mostly “web-based”. Dance is very much my art, and I keep it very close to my heart, but I think I want to open up a bit and allow others into that world (not just those very close to me).

These photos are from a piece I was in called ‘Three Wise Monkeys’, choreographed by my amazing friend and dance mama, Shameka Blake, and danced with two really truly amazing & inspiring dancers, Alvin Collantes and Chantelle Mostacho. Photographs by E.S. Cheah.


One thought on “Three Wise Monkeys

  1. nguyendena says:

    This made me want to start dancing again. ❤ I used to take hip hop classes. The photos are beautiful! Keep on dancing, I'm sure you're amazing.


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