Merry Christmas To You & Yours



DSC_0497Just wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from me and my little family today! Gertie was not a fan of this photo idea — while Gus could be the most easy going dog, Gertie was certain me putting the Santa hat on her was some form of torture, and imminently knocked the hat off her head and hid under a table. I know her well enough to know the whole thing was not going to happen with her after that. So, just me and Santa Gus, and little Trudy in spirit (not really, she’s giving me serious death glare right now).


Bits and Bobs







DSC_01241. vintage tapestry kitty purse
2. 1930’s Good Housekeeping covers converted into wall hangings & antique oil lamp
3. Gus wearing his annual “don’t eat your skin” outfits
4. vintage illustrations on my walls
5. some new lovely vintage finds – delicate blouses & tartan skirts 4evr, man
6. things on my windowsill
7. amazing 1950’s shoe goodness

Home Sweet Home / Lindsay


I have always loved Lindsay and Duncan’s apartment. It feels like you walked into an eccentric grandmother’s home, full of unique antique and found objects. It’s cluttered in the most organized way, which I think very few people know how to pull off. It has almost an eerie feel to it, what with animal skulls and even a scythe (!!!), while also being a place where you can curl up under a blanket and feel at home. With every turn of your head there is something fun to look at, which I think really represents these two. I’m telling you, these two have an eye for finding the best things and decorating in a way that cannot be taught.

lindsdunx2lindsdunx3lindsdunx4lindsdunx5lindsdunx6lindsdunx7lindsdunx8lindsdunx9lindsdunx10lindsdunx11lindsdunx12lindsdunx13lindsdunx14lindsdunx15lindsdunx16lindsdunx17lindsdunx18lindsdunx19lindsdunx20lindsdunx21lindsdunx22lindsdunx23lindsdunx24lindsdunx26lindsdunx25lindsdunx27Thanks to Lindsay, Duncan, Oliver and Rollins for sharing their home with us!

Posted and photos by: Alex