Home Sweet Home / Lindsay


I have always loved Lindsay and Duncan’s apartment. It feels like you walked into an eccentric grandmother’s home, full of unique antique and found objects. It’s cluttered in the most organized way, which I think very few people know how to pull off. It has almost an eerie feel to it, what with animal skulls and even a scythe (!!!), while also being a place where you can curl up under a blanket and feel at home. With every turn of your head there is something fun to look at, which I think really represents these two. I’m telling you, these two have an eye for finding the best things and decorating in a way that cannot be taught.

lindsdunx2lindsdunx3lindsdunx4lindsdunx5lindsdunx6lindsdunx7lindsdunx8lindsdunx9lindsdunx10lindsdunx11lindsdunx12lindsdunx13lindsdunx14lindsdunx15lindsdunx16lindsdunx17lindsdunx18lindsdunx19lindsdunx20lindsdunx21lindsdunx22lindsdunx23lindsdunx24lindsdunx26lindsdunx25lindsdunx27Thanks to Lindsay, Duncan, Oliver and Rollins for sharing their home with us!

Posted and photos by: Alex

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