To Be Adored

TBA SS'11Way back before I even considered starting my own fashion blog, back when I first just discovered fashion blogs were a thing, which then became obsessively reading through the archives of bloggers such as Rhiannon, Tavi, Arabelle etc., I came across the label TBA (To Be Adored) and fell madly in love. I only recently got thinking about this label again since I hadn’t seen anything from them in years. I did a little browsing and ended up on their site which was incredibly disappointing, but then it lead me to their FB page, which is where I found all their old lookbooks and remembered why I loved this label so much. I think, for me, TBA started going wrong in 2013, but that could just be a matter of taste. Before then, they were very much vintage inspired, girly without being over the top and what felt like to me, care free. TBA was the kind of girl I wanted to be, through and through. So, I thought I’d share some looks from TBA SS ’11 collection because that was the season that got me hooked and I feel it is still very relevant to my style now.

Do you guys remember TBA? What was your favourite season?TBA SS '11TBA SS'11TBA SS'11TBA SS'11

Nadinoo’s “The good life”

TaXeOFiI’ve been a long time fan of British label Nadinoo. “Sounds of the woods” is still one of my all time favourite collections by any designer to date (meaning, I would literally like to own each and every piece, which, when I think about it is kind of the way with all her collections). So when Nadia announced her newest collection that is available for pre-order, I immediately headed to her site to have myself a look. Inspired by the English countryside and appreciating a slower, more relaxed pace of life, this collection is full of easy pieces in a  mixture of loose and form fitting silhouettes covered in, as usual, the best prints. Doesn’t this collection just make you want to run through vast fields, stopping to pick apples with care-free hair, and the air of an unencumbered spirit? If a collection can make me dream of a life that seems far from my reality, then that is a collection I want to bring closer to my life, if only to pretend that one day I’ll feel at peace enough to only need the simple things in life, the good life.

Photography: Amira Izruna
Model: Chelsea Killarney
Styling: Nadia Izruna
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Like Mother, Like Daughter

il_fullxfull.638847963_yawqIt is my mother’s birthday today (Happy Birthday mom ❤ ), and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it felt appropriate to share these lookbook photos from OffOn, a handmade vintage inspired label from Lithiunia that features many garments made for both mother and daughter. How freakin’ cute! If you ever watched My-So Called Life, then this lookbook might call to mind the mother-daughter fashion show that Angela was so opposed to in the episode “The Zit”. I personally never participated in such a thing, and my mother never ever dressed me to match her, but I have a feeling – if and when I have children – that I would want to dress my toddler to match me, if only to get truly adorable photographs that she’ll one day be horrified by, but that will please me forever.

Post Script

2015_Urban_Outfitters_Samantha_Pleet07It comes as no surprise that as soon as Samantha Pleet’s x UO capsule collection was released I quickly headed over to UO’s blog to take a gander at the accompanying video and lookbook “Post Script”. Aside from the video and lookbook being strikingly beautiful and enchanting (no surprise there), I especially loved what Samantha had to say about the idea behind the video:“It was such a cold winter in New York, and we just had on our minds the juxtaposition of what we were seeing and what our West Coast LA friends were sharing of their experience of like, being on the beach in January while we were freezing and miserable. We wanted to explore the idea of how people follow what their friends are doing, everyone sees life through Instagram and photos, so even when you’re far away you feel like you’re there. You feel like you know what everyone is doing all the time.”  I can wholeheartedly relate to this sentiment. Well before the internet, and especially social media, it was hard to ever truly experience someone else’s perspective since we had no visual to accompany it, only in phone calls, letters (email) and pictures sent could we experience another’s world. It was often only our imaginations that could take us to another place instantly. Nowadays, even if your friends are across the world, with a simple click of a button and a post to instagram, you can see what everyone is up to without even asking. It’s hard to remember what life was like before this. What was it like not knowing what was happening all the time, always, with everyone? While I feel social media creates such a wonderful connection (I have met so many amazing people online), it also creates a disconnect – relationships often don’t feel as personal as they once used to. I hate to admit I sometimes forget I haven’t spoken to some of my friends from far away (heck, even friends close by) in a little while because I feel as though I already know what has been going on. And of course, the ever familiar feeling that only perfectly curated feeds and blogs can make you feel as if everyones life is far more exciting than your own. Just like Samantha stated: “the message is really this ‘it’s always greener’. you always want to escape to a world you’re not in.”

Photography: Hannah Metz
Models: Hannah Metz, Erin Cherry, Ariana Papademetopoulos, Ashley Symone Lee, Nathalie Kelly

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2015

Red_Valentino_020_1366There is no surprise at this point that I am a big fan of Red Valentino – I’ve shared countless collections of theirs by now. It’s hard for me to pick a favourite season, but this one might just be it (maybe). It is distinctly influenced by the late 60s to 70s, what with it’s vibrant psychedelic patterns, sweet peter pan collars and shift shapes, but it still has the classic, ultra girly feel that every Red Valentino collection upholds. And how about those lace Edwardian-style collars tied with a bow? I need one asap!

View the whole collection here.

Red_Valentino_003_1366 Red_Valentino_008_1366 Red_Valentino_010_1366 Red_Valentino_011_1366 Red_Valentino_014_1366 Red_Valentino_016_1366 Red_Valentino_018_1366 Red_Valentino_021_1366 Red_Valentino_023_1366Red_Valentino_024_1366 Red_Valentino_031_1366 Red_Valentino_033_1366 Red_Valentino_037_1366 Red_Valentino_038_1366 Red_Valentino_041_1366 Red_Valentino_042_1366