Nadinoo’s “The good life”

TaXeOFiI’ve been a long time fan of British label Nadinoo. “Sounds of the woods” is still one of my all time favourite collections by any designer to date (meaning, I would literally like to own each and every piece, which, when I think about it is kind of the way with all her collections). So when Nadia announced her newest collection that is available for pre-order, I immediately headed to her site to have myself a look. Inspired by the English countryside and appreciating a slower, more relaxed pace of life, this collection is full of easy pieces in a  mixture of loose and form fitting silhouettes covered in, as usual, the best prints. Doesn’t this collection just make you want to run through vast fields, stopping to pick apples with care-free hair, and the air of an unencumbered spirit? If a collection can make me dream of a life that seems far from my reality, then that is a collection I want to bring closer to my life, if only to pretend that one day I’ll feel at peace enough to only need the simple things in life, the good life.

Photography: Amira Izruna
Model: Chelsea Killarney
Styling: Nadia Izruna
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