Jeremy Scott Fall 2015

ONP_6129Is it really a surprise that I absolutely love Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2015 collection? No, not really. It embodies all things I truly adore and have made abundantly clear by now – the 60s, colours, playful femininity, dresses, matching sets, mary janes…the list could go on. As I had mentioned, I recently styled a shoot for a new designer and I used a lot of fun, coloured tights to play up the dresses and give that awesome (and ever popular) 60s french new wave vibe. So bright tights have been on my mind and even more so after seeing this collection. I’ve always shied away from personally wearing colourful tights, yet I own a ridiculous amount of brightly hued ones. To me, it has to be done right or it looks insane, so I guess thats where my hesitation comes from. Bright colours and a lot of colour can seem scary, but if done right, it can look so visually striking, it’s nearly impossible to look away. Jeremy Scott did this for me. I can’t stop scrolling back and forth and wishing these outfits were my own.
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The Gold Hatted Lovers SS ’14

landscape04 (1)While I am freezing my buns off taking outfit pictures for this blog, the southern hemisphere is enjoying warm days and releasing Spring/Summer collections for us in the northern hemisphere to cry over because those warm days are far, far away from us now. I’ve been anticipating the release of The Gold Hatted Lovers first handmade collection, knowing full well that anything couple and designers Katie-Louise Ford and Tim Nicol create together would be amazing. They themselves look like they come straight from eras past, which is almost too cute and perfect to be real, but now they are sharing their love of by-gone eras by releasing a wonderful handmade collection of pieces that echo 1930s leisure wear and teleport you back to a time when you weren’t even alive but wish you damn-well were. The collection is full of frill, glamour and in a sense, simplicity. I love every single piece and the lookbook is so excellent and feels quintessentially 1930s.


Behind The Scenes / Winter Whimsy

DSC_1250On Saturday I made my way over to Brantford, ON to style and work on another photoshoot with Gerald, Annya and our model Emma. About 1 month ago I was given some pieces from Mode Laboratory’s SS 2015 collection and was waiting for the perfect time to use them. While the pieces are indeed Spring/Summer I thought they worked splendidly with our wintery photoshoot. There is something so magical about winter landscapes and a model adorned in white and pastel pieces. Mode Laboratory’s pieces are whimsical in and of themselves and I think they were a match made in heaven for the work that Gerald produces. I’m uncertain when I’ll be able to show you the final images, but for now, here are a few behind the scene photos I took during the shoot.



1_e14ae568-adb1-40ac-9aad-7ac8f2ae908fI think it’s pretty clear by now that I have a thing for THE WHITEPEPPER. But really, what’s not to love?! Their pieces are endearingly feminine with distinct men’s wear details which is a style I have always been drawn to. To me, THE WHITEPEPPER is about having fun getting dressed and blurring the lines between girly and tomboy. The Winter ’14 collection lookbook is decidedly vintage-inspired which, predictably, I am a fan of. And how about those head scarves!? It’s making me think I probably need to start wearing one immediately, because dammit, they make it look like the perfect and most darling accessory! Oh, but this accessory is not just your average, often times, useless accessory, this accessory can also prove to be quite handy when those god-awful winter winds start destroying your beautiful hairs. Head scarves, guys.

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Into It, Intimates / Kayleigh Peddie

edit7A lot of great things come out of Montreal – I keep coming across more and more brands and designers located in this beautiful city, and Kayleigh Peddie is no exception. Kayleigh Peddie is a lingerie and swimwear label, and the garments are totally handmade by the designer. From every design, to the finishing details, each piece is a true labor of love, which I absolutely love because you can be sure you’ll be getting a piece that has been tirelessly made out of hard work and devotion to their craft. I’m loving (how many times can I say love in one paragraph?!) the vintage feel of each piece, with interesting cut-outs and a whole lotta lace! Is there any other fabric that could make you feel both elegant and sexy? I think not! (maybe velvet?!) I’ve instantly become a fan of this label, and with good reason. Check out the shop here.

My favourites: Estelle Double Strap Bra, Estelle High Waist Panty, Ronnie Soft Bra, Ronnie High Waist Panty, Jada High Waist Panty, Ingrid Bra Black, Ingrid Roll On Garter, Vanna Lace High Waist Panty