Jeremy Scott Fall 2015

ONP_6129Is it really a surprise that I absolutely love Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2015 collection? No, not really. It embodies all things I truly adore and have made abundantly clear by now – the 60s, colours, playful femininity, dresses, matching sets, mary janes…the list could go on. As I had mentioned, I recently styled a shoot for a new designer and I used a lot of fun, coloured tights to play up the dresses and give that awesome (and ever popular) 60s french new wave vibe. So bright tights have been on my mind and even more so after seeing this collection. I’ve always shied away from personally wearing colourful tights, yet I own a ridiculous amount of brightly hued ones. To me, it has to be done right or it looks insane, so I guess thats where my hesitation comes from. Bright colours and a lot of colour can seem scary, but if done right, it can look so visually striking, it’s nearly impossible to look away. Jeremy Scott did this for me. I can’t stop scrolling back and forth and wishing these outfits were my own.
ONP_6013ONP_6457 ONP_6023 ONP_6034 ONP_6066 ONP_6120ONP_6413ONP_6221 ONP_6231ONP_6447 ONP_6390ONP_6273 ONP_6405 ONP_6420


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