Spring/Summer Vintage Hats

il_fullxfull.439736502_mbdfOne of my favourite things to do is browse Etsy and other online vintage shops for vintage hats. I very rarely actually buy said hats because they just feel out of my price range (it’s way smarter to buy a lot on ebay – more bang for your buck and you can sometimes come away with gems), but looking does no harm, and if I do ever feel like I can’t live without a hat I come across – even if it feels a bit pricey – I’ll buy it because some things are just that special.

Since the warmer months are now upon us, I thought it would be fun to share some of the hats/fascinators I have been eyeing of late that feel oh so perfect for the season – florals, bright hues, straw, airy pastel tones…all things that feel quintessentially Spring/Summer to me.

*I have linked all the images back to their sources.
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Sur Ma Tête / The Florence

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 presetThis fascinator is my favourite of all my hats (and you probably know that cause I’ve worn it plenty on this blog). Doesn’t it feel like it could have been worn by a bride?! There is something very elegant and ethereal about it that just makes me feel really good when I put it on. It’s covered in cream floral appliques and each top flower has a darling rhinestone. I got Florence from a vintage/antique shop in Ithaca, NY. The name of the shop fails me now, which I’m sad about because the owner was lovely and had some truly amazing vintage pieces in her sweet little shop. I truly believe this was a very special piece to someone at one point, and now it is very dear to me.

Name: Florence
Age: 60-65yrs (1950s)
Talents: she can teleport you to otherworldy places, her air of innocence can make even the naughtiest of people seem like sweet angels, those dreams you have where it’s so good you never want to wake up…they happen because of her
Processed with VSCOcam with n3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n3 presetFascinator: vintage shop in Ithaca,NY
Cardigan: vintage via Carousel Antiques

Marilyn Monroe Moments

DSC_3832This dress was a mistake for weather as humid and windy as it was yesterday. When I bought this dress I specifically thought it would be a nice summery dress because of how light-weight and airy it feels, but I was wrong. I always forget Toronto doesn’t really get dry heat. It’s a sticky, humid, ‘sweat between your butt cheeks’ type heat that can only really be fought by leaving as much skin exposed as possible (danger to fare-skinned folk). I was indeed correct about how light-weight it is though. It’s the type of light-weight that if there is any gust of wind, a few people are going to get a flash of your buns, so it was really not ideal for me to wear this dress while taking photos so close to the beach. Think of the infamous Marilyn Monroe ‘Seven Year Itch’ scene, but way less sexy and charming. Needless to say, I was panicked to get home after taking these photos. I spent the remainder of this day in a lace short-sleeve button up and high waisted denim shorts (and no socks! it’s amazing how much warmer you feel with socks on). I do love this dress though. I’m a huge fan of stripes (typical.), but this may very well be the only striped item I own these days. In my goth days I rocked a pair of Beetlejuice pants, but they are no more, and may they rest in peace.







DSC_3856Dress: thrifted Zara
Fascinator: vintage shop in Ithaca
Socks: AA
Shoes: Seychelles

Dream baby got me dreaming sweet dreams


It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I have a thing for vintage nightgowns, house coats…anything sleep oriented really, I just cannot get enough of it. I own waaaaay too many nightgowns and house coats, like an unnecessary amount. If I’m thrifting for the shop (which happens often), and I see a vintage nightgown, there is no hesitation in throwing it into the cart, and continuing on without batting an eyelash. It’s all in the details for me. There is something about nightgowns that you just can’t find in a dress – the adorable collars, lace detailing, fabric covered buttons, bell sleeves, ribbon ties (generally one, if not all, can be found on a vintage nightgown). There is an ethereal quality to them that just makes me feel my best.

It’s not a new idea to throw a skirt over a dress, and call it a blouse. I am not the pioneer of this idea. But it only occurred to me recently that if I couldn’t wear a nightgown outside on it’s own, I could throw a skirt over it, and the end result being a sweet little blouse (and no one has any idea that I rolled out of bed, and just put a skirt on top of what I was already wearing). C’est magnifique.

I would also like to mention finding this fascinator was a very pleasant surprise. It has the most amazing crochet flowers with three tiny rhinestones on the top layer. It came from this awesome vintage/antique store in Ithaca (the name fails me now, unfortunately). The shop owner was so sweet, and had a keen eye for such delicate and unique pieces. I struggled for a bit between this fascinator and some kewpie dolls with handmade clothing. Gah! I (obviously) ended up choosing the former, but it was a difficult decision, believe you me.

And my Seychelles! I cannot take my feet out of them. I have this obsession with finding the perfect Mary Janes, but to no avail. When I saw these lil’ guys they were so darn close to what I was looking for, I just decided to buy them. My search for the perfect Mary Janes is still not over, but these will certainly do for now.














Blouse: vintage nightgown worn as blouse
Skirt: in the shop!
Shoes: Seychelles
Fascinator: vintage