Marilyn Monroe Moments

DSC_3832This dress was a mistake for weather as humid and windy as it was yesterday. When I bought this dress I specifically thought it would be a nice summery dress because of how light-weight and airy it feels, but I was wrong. I always forget Toronto doesn’t really get dry heat. It’s a sticky, humid, ‘sweat between your butt cheeks’ type heat that can only really be fought by leaving as much skin exposed as possible (danger to fare-skinned folk). I was indeed correct about how light-weight it is though. It’s the type of light-weight that if there is any gust of wind, a few people are going to get a flash of your buns, so it was really not ideal for me to wear this dress while taking photos so close to the beach. Think of the infamous Marilyn Monroe ‘Seven Year Itch’ scene, but way less sexy and charming. Needless to say, I was panicked to get home after taking these photos. I spent the remainder of this day in a lace short-sleeve button up and high waisted denim shorts (and no socks! it’s amazing how much warmer you feel with socks on). I do love this dress though. I’m a huge fan of stripes (typical.), but this may very well be the only striped item I own these days. In my goth days I rocked a pair of Beetlejuice pants, but they are no more, and may they rest in peace.







DSC_3856Dress: thrifted Zara
Fascinator: vintage shop in Ithaca
Socks: AA
Shoes: Seychelles

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