SpOoOky Ghosts

ZWcxSdyDXvL02gwzHalloween is right around the corner, and to get into the spirit (no pun intended), I thought I’d share these images by artist, Angela Deane, of her hand painted generic ghosts on found photographs. While the ghosts are actually quite adorable, there is an undeniably haunting quality to Angela’s work. And with the images being film and polaroids, there is a feeling of nostalgia which only emphasizes the spooky notions these images conjure. Such a simple idea, and yet so striking and original. I’m an instant fan, and these images are getting me excited for the spooky Halloween shoot Ryan and I have planned.

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The Anderson Sisters

8I’m finally able to share with you the first shoot I styled (and modelled) with Gerald that was just published in the latest issue of Elegant Magazine. I’m quite excited about this, because it’s an actual print magazine, which means I can get my hands on a copy (as can you!!!). The pain about styling and modeling in shoots that are mean’t for publications is that you’ve got to wait and wait (and wait) sometimes until they have been released by the magazine. So while I had seen these images months ago, I had to wait to share them with you all (save for the few teasers on my instagram). But here we are! I’d just like to say, there is something so fun about being surrounded by gingers all day! To be honest, I don’t really know many gingers, at least not ones I see on the regular (we are very rare and we are mostly men…Girl, Interrupted anyone?!) I felt an immediate connection to these gals. A gingerly bond, if you will.

Photography: Gerald Larocque
Art Direction: Annya Karina
Styling: Alexandra Spence (dats me)
MUA: Lisa Arsenault of Pinch Cosmetics
Models: Kiana Pedersen (Peggi Lepage), Tara Van der Kolk, Alexandra Spence and Quinn Bell (Peggi Lepage)
Clothing: Larkspur Shoppe and my personal wardrobe


Oleg Oprisco

123576-6766209-365Oleg Oprisco’s work blew my mind when I first came across it through instagram. I immediately went to take a better look and knew I had to share it here. It’s whimsical, otherworldly, thought provoking and sometimes so incredibly clever that I can’t help but be kind of in love with it. I like his use of long haired beauties adorned with blooms, dressed in things I would absolutely clothe myself in, standing lonesome in landscapes that seem too good to be true. And the contrast between the rich colors and dull muted tones is so eye catching and dreamy, it seems like they could only exist in fantasy. But what amazes me most about his work is that it’s all shot on film. It makes you really appreciate his vision and the work he produces. Much like Ellen Rogers, everything is on purpose, and not just anyone can produce such exquisite imagery.


Secret / Ellen Rogers

ellenrogers_secret_171012_892I like the feeling I get whenever I go through Ellen Rogers’ work. It spooks me and chills me straight to the bone. It feels haunting and possessed like the genre of films I cannot, and will not watch. Yet, I have a hard time looking away from her work. There is so much detail, so much richness and thought put into each image, even if it creeps me out a bit (or alot), I can’t help but see how truly beautiful, and wholly itself it is. Not only does she shoot at locations that feel like the setting of a demonic possession, but the models she works with have the most haunting and striking features. Nothing gets overlooked, every part of each image feels on purpose, and I like that about it. It shows you the difference between someone who just fiddles with their camera and gets lucky (me, most of the time), and someone who really lives and breathes and masters their art. If you have not already looked through her work, both commissions and personal, I highly suggest it.


No Dumping

s29Well, I think it’s safe to say Fall is officially here. I pulled out my Fall coat from the depths of my closet this morning, and was so glad to have it wrapped around my body, as there was a distinct chill in the air that even a wooley sweater couldn’t thwart. It’s a bit disappointing really, this Summer felt like it didn’t exist. Winter lasted so long here in Toronto, and Summer was so mild, and so pleasant (and so short), I wasn’t ready for the crisper weather just yet. But alas, I have no say in weather conditions. However, there is something so lovely about bundling up in my warm apartment, with a cup of chocolatey chai tea (and a splash of almond milk), reading a good book, or watching a silly tv show. Winter does have it’s positives, but they mostly exist indoors, under warm blankets, and my ridiculous pup clothed in a mouse outfit because the cold weather is not kind to his skin.

This is a bit of a (huge) photo dump. Mostly film pictures I recently got developed from the Summer that didn’t really find a place in any posts, but I still felt I wanted to share. Some are taken by Meaghan, and I have listed those at the bottom of the post.s1














































F1000012*The ones taken during our lookbook shoot with Kira are taken by Meaghan, as well as the one with the camera in front of me face and the back of Kira and my head! Thanks Meaghan!!