Secret / Ellen Rogers

ellenrogers_secret_171012_892I like the feeling I get whenever I go through Ellen Rogers’ work. It spooks me and chills me straight to the bone. It feels haunting and possessed like the genre of films I cannot, and will not watch. Yet, I have a hard time looking away from her work. There is so much detail, so much richness and thought put into each image, even if it creeps me out a bit (or alot), I can’t help but see how truly beautiful, and wholly itself it is. Not only does she shoot at locations that feel like the setting of a demonic possession, but the models she works with have the most haunting and striking features. Nothing gets overlooked, every part of each image feels on purpose, and I like that about it. It shows you the difference between someone who just fiddles with their camera and gets lucky (me, most of the time), and someone who really lives and breathes and masters their art. If you have not already looked through her work, both commissions and personal, I highly suggest it.



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