Natalie Joos & Kipling

KiplingLB_98_low_res-568x853I had never really paid attention to Kipling until one of my favourite bloggers and stylists, Natalie Joos, collaborated with them awhile back to design her own collection of bags. This here is their newest collection styled by her, and I am so in love. If you follow Natalie’s blog then you already know her love of vintage, and her incomparable ability to style outfits in the most interesting of ways. Sometimes her fashion choices and styling are a bit too “fashion” for me (if you get what i mean…), but just because I wouldn’t necessarily wear it myself, does not mean I don’t appreciate her talent. Maybe it’s just too far above my head, so high-fashion that it makes no sense to me. But I love the styling in this lookbook and it resonates with me. To be honest, I hardly even look at the bags because the clothing is what stands out most (uh oh, probably not what they were going for). It’s quite obviously inspired by 60s fashion but has this odd futuristic vibe to it. Natalie has this amazing way of making things look futuristic while also seeming retro, and it’s kind of perfect. Future Retro, that should be a thing.

Photography: Asha Fuller
Models: Anna at One Management & Elen Santiago at Major
Stylist: Natalie Joos
Styling Assistant: Emily Mazur


New in the shop!

DSC_01951980’s Ivory Faux Leather Purse with Bow Detail

And we’re back! What has it been…like 1 month? I’m uncertain, it’s been awhile that’s for sure. But I promise regular shop updates coming your way from now on (hmm, maybe Christmas will cause some problems). I recently received two large boxes of vintage purses/handbags/clutches from a family friend, so this week is of course chalk full of them. This hasn’t even really made a dent in the amount I have sitting around my home right now, but we must start somewhere. Pop by the shop today, maybe one will catch your eye and make a nice friend for your holiday/new year’s eve outfits?!

DSC_02021990’s Wine & Tar Leather Handbag/Purse

DSC_02151980’s Silver Lame Clutch/Handbag

DSC_02171980’s Ivory & Red Faux Leather Clutch/Purse

DSC_02211980’s Ivory Leather Handbag

DSC_02351990’s Black Leather Purse

DSC_02301980’s Wine Leather & Suede Purse/Clutch