Halloween and Autumn Home Touches

Larkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home Toucheslet the gourd times roll

As I mentioned a few posts back, this time last year – and during most of the festive season – I was just moving into a new apartment, and to make the move go a little more smoothly I had rid myself of a lot of the stuff I owned that just felt like dead weight. Because of that, I didn’t really get to make my home feel festive during Halloween or Christmas last year, so this year I really wanted to make my place feel cozy, inviting and somewhere that made me truly happy. Today I thought I’d share a few Halloween and Autumnal bits and pieces from around my home. I pretty well got all these decorations from the dollar store, so for those of you who don’t really want to spend a ton on festive decorations (which is totally reasonable), you can find some pretty cute  and great things for real cheap at your local dollar store.Larkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home TouchesLarkspur Vintage | Halloween and Autumn Home Touches

Home Decorating Ideas

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetGETting IT TOGETHER

I think I have mentioned before that it’s taking me forever to get my apartment together. I got rid of many things when I moved in with Ryan, and then even more when I moved out. I once was able to fill a one bedroom apartment by myself (although, I’ve only lived in bachelors by myself…but I could have filled a one bedroom), and now I’m lacking some pretty major furniture pieces and I don’t have much to decorate with. In a way it’s very refreshing to be free of so much shit, but in another way, I miss the things I had – all the little bits and bobs that made up my home before…the things that made it feel full and homely. But, if I’m being honest, I feel like a very different person than I was when I started collecting antiques, knick knacks and wall hangings, and many of them just started to feel like crap. So, I only held onto the things I really love, that way I could make room for new things to love.


Anyways, all this to say, I have a Pinterest board, EVERGLADES (the name of my apartment building), dedicated to decorating ideas and I thought I’d share that with you. Please let me know if you have a home decorating Pinterest board I could check out, or pictures of your own home that is awesome! I love finding new ideas and boards to follow.db2cc7a2efadb793b086dbf2868f64f634072eb2e7fac533da1fd632f713b7d5088d8c40ae9b4e2fd7536b226f702569I’ve been looking at different types of shelving and storage units, many of which are pretty DIY. As you can see in my above images, I have books stacked on the floor and windowsill, which I like, but wouldn’t it be cool to actually make shelves out of those books? Or make my own book shelf by stacking old wooden crates together? And how nice is it to have plants hanging off and picture frames resting on shelves?!It’s no surprise that I love pink, especially blush pink, so it makes sense these images spoke to me. Don’t these spaces look so beautiful all white with accents of blush pink?I don’t have traditional side tables next to my bed – right now I have a white wicker stool and a milk crate with lace draped over top…very DIY looking. My bed is also on the floor since I don’t have a bed frame, so I like the look of these low beds with books used as side tables, frames resting on the floor against a wall and little frames staggered low on the wall right above a side table.Hanging plants from the ceiling just looks so damn good!These kitchens look so great with these shelves filled with colourful dish and house wares.I just really like the look of these rooms, probably for their colour combinations and coziness. I’d like to pop right into the images, thank you.

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A House Is A Home

DSC_0860Our bedroom was the first room that really came together after the move. It’s not a very large bedroom, so really, deciding what and where furniture went was not a difficult task. Save for some picture frames that still need to find their rightful place on the wall (you don’t know how many times I move picture frames around until they find their desired spot…it’s embarrassing), and a couple things we need to finish off the room, it’s pretty well done. I had this dream of having a lot of white furniture and white walls (okay, we have the white walls), very bright, with colourful accents here and there – maybe a bright colored arm chair, a patterned rug – but alas, most of the furniture we own is wood, which to be honest, is very nice – we have some beautiful antique pieces (my dresser for one) – but obviously what I envisioned is not possible, for now. If doll hairs grew on trees, maybe then would my dreams come to fruition sooner than later. All In due time.

How rad is this dress by the way!? My internet pal, Ashley of Milk Teeths, posted it to her shop instagram, and my eyeballs immediately burst with love, and then after the love at first sight settled, I had a moment of panic, like, what if someone buys this before me? And then it was like daggers bursting out of my eyes. Anyways, seeing as how I had such a strong reaction to this dress, I knew I had to buy it, and so I did, and here we are. If you guys haven’t check out Ashley’s blog and shop (I’m sure you have), I urge you to do so. She’s such a charmingly funny, rad and beautiful gal, with an amazing eye for vintage clothes and housewares.

I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was pretty fun.






DSC_0824(oh hi Gus, thanks for joining us)


DSC_0870 Dress: vintage via Milk Teeths

Belle Vie / 22

DSC_0659DSC_0617Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with s6 presetDSC_0652DSC_0664DSC_0655Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset1. Getting myself ready for a wedding, and wearing my newest (to me) vintage dress from Milk Teeths Vintage. Also noticing my bangs are a bit too long. I think I prefer them to be above my eyebrows. Must fix that soon.
2. All packed up and ready to move the last few things from my old apartment.
3. I took a few self-portraits right before leaving that apartment behind.
4. Ryan and I taking selfies, waiting for our cab to the wedding.
5. We stayed at a hotel for the evening after the wedding because it was not in Toronto – didn’t bring much with me.
6. I got to take home one of the beautiful centrepieces from the wedding, made by my pal Alisa.
7. I adore this fella.
8. I’m really trying to be mindful about organizing and decorating our new place. I want it to be perfect – minimal and elegant, with a whole lot of quirkiness. This is the only spot so far that feels right to me. It’s a work in progress.

Home Sweet Home / The Spences

DSC_4279As I mentioned in a previous post, my parent’s have been redecorating their home for the last several months. Their shared love for antiques and vintage has created an almost entirely different looking home than the one I grew up in. I couldn’t really get down with that home, but I’m definitely down with this one. In the early days of this blog I photographed some friends homes (and this one), but sort of got lazy at continuing that series, but I’d like to bring it back. So here is my parents home, filled with antique wood, amish tools, tea pots, collectibles, antique crocks and more – it distinctly reminds me of an old country home, which I do hope one day they are able to actually have a country home, something they have desired for awhile now.

DSC_4283DSC_4285DSC_4287DSC_4288DSC_4290DSC_4293DSC_4294DSC_4297DSC_4298DSC_4306DSC_4309DSC_4311DSC_4315DSC_4318DSC_4319DSC_4324DSC_4326DSC_4329DSC_4333DSC_4337DSC_4339DSC_4343DSC_4347DSC_4348DSC_4350DSC_4353DSC_4368DSC_4365DSC_4358DSC_4360*dont forget to enter my giveaway with Ellen Face Vintage!