Home Sweet Home / The Spences

DSC_4279As I mentioned in a previous post, my parent’s have been redecorating their home for the last several months. Their shared love for antiques and vintage has created an almost entirely different looking home than the one I grew up in. I couldn’t really get down with that home, but I’m definitely down with this one. In the early days of this blog I photographed some friends homes (and this one), but sort of got lazy at continuing that series, but I’d like to bring it back. So here is my parents home, filled with antique wood, amish tools, tea pots, collectibles, antique crocks and more – it distinctly reminds me of an old country home, which I do hope one day they are able to actually have a country home, something they have desired for awhile now.

DSC_4283DSC_4285DSC_4287DSC_4288DSC_4290DSC_4293DSC_4294DSC_4297DSC_4298DSC_4306DSC_4309DSC_4311DSC_4315DSC_4318DSC_4319DSC_4324DSC_4326DSC_4329DSC_4333DSC_4337DSC_4339DSC_4343DSC_4347DSC_4348DSC_4350DSC_4353DSC_4368DSC_4365DSC_4358DSC_4360*dont forget to enter my giveaway with Ellen Face Vintage!

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