Mexican Inspired

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After going to Tulum, I felt really inspired by Mexico’s interior and exterior decor, colour palettes and rich patterns. There’s something about seeing bright colours, intricate fabrics and distinct furniture that just feels welcoming and happy, and makes you want to settle in. There were many times Kristen and I talked about how we would love to live in a place that felt like Mexico upon walking into it, so since then I have been pinning away – as you do – tons of inspiring places that feel a little bit like the coziness of Mexico (possibly Morocco too), with their impeccable, yet unassuming styling .e66d1a6c23f34715937d029edaa2914bcd896a8540e035eb3a931397b2e8dcd7cb66f4f22082eb45702ad2f060bae2dcbaed31768250edcd53edeb689d1fa808b0f2a6ee6883db6431ded835d253f57fa797dc9f1d5159b91c29e8c10369c738a8f0f2371e8525c7dbcfbbb48446c1fd0ddb949e2b9435c87b73d5b3cfc292a92457a2f14ad2b97fdb64bf173151626f778f5b8ba76b77b5bc6d239a9168e6987b610819cc958f1dbcb9d34619477e9b7aaaf08f5e0c71f06f83368bb2b3ea8f1cdd244ec80c8e32504fdd0d04cad1433d3542bfb4ac0ddec00c07ec5b79d422

Inspiring Interiors / Pastels

Larkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsI’ve been very inspired by bright and airy pastel interiors lately, and while I’d love for my home to be as lovely as all of these, realistically it probably won’t happen any time in the near future…these places seem like they took a lot of time and effort and thought and patience, which are all things I would only reserve for when I own my own home or have found a place that I want to spend more than a year or two at…it’s just not worth the effort otherwise. But that doesn’t mean I can’t constantly be searching for inspiration (through pinterest, of course) and dreaming up my imaginary home, filled with pastels and whites, quirky details, and of course plenty of vintage.

Are you into pastel interiors as well? Let me know in the comments below.
Larkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsLarkspur Vintage | Pastel Interiorse79d1f49555665c938b57e943649c0f9Larkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsLarkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsGOODHOMES PASTEL CHAIRLarkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsLarkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsWatermarked Photo-14Larkspur Vintage | Pastel InteriorsLarkspur Vintage | Pastel Interiors*sources: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19

A Fancy Fine Bedroom

duvet_03The home of Ashley Ording has always been of great inspiration to me. Not only is she an amazing fashion stylist – both personally and professionally – she also has an incredible interior design eye. Ryan and I have been doing a spring clean and reorganizing our apartment, so I’ve been spying homes that make my mouth water with interior styling delight. If you are ever in need of colourful and quirky inspiration for your home, Ashley is the girl to look to. While her walls and majority of furniture in her bedroom may be white, the pops of colour paired with interesting furniture and playful decorative pieces make for a clean, aesthetically pleasing home that has a ton of character. You just know when looking at this bedroom that a boring gal liveth not here.

*all photos taken from Ashley’s blog, Fancy Fine.duvet_01duvet_02duvet_08duvet_04duvet_06If you want to see more interiors that have been catching my eye, you can follow me on pinterest.

Vintage Charm

_MG_3414I follow a few design blogs looking for inspiration, but mostly making myself crazy seeing those with beautiful old homes that have been so well preserved. While a lot of the interior styling I see is lovely, a lot is not to my taste, but I do come across a few that I fall absolutely in love with and that I feel reflect my aesthetic (even if I don’t have the resources to make it happen just yet). This home in Vancouver BC being one of them. I must admit, I’ve become a fan of all white walls and clean, minimal spaces (not too minimal), but I think it’s important to have pops of colour and things around the home that make it feel like it’s actually a home and not a model one. This home feels like it has all those things…minimal, clean, colourful and lived-in with it’s quirky decor and vintage charm. (source)

What do you guys think? What does your ideal home look like?


Brooklyn to West



Interior design and DIY blogs have a tendency to send me into hours-long day dreams about how I want to decorate/re-decorate my apartment. Brooklyn to West happens to be one of my favourites, and also probably the blog/shop that helps me procrastinate on all my real-life work the most.

Ariele Alasko is the mastermind behind Brooklyn to West – a DIY/Interior Design genius, who not only created the company, but designs and builds all the pieces in the shop herself. She also opened a restaurant in Pacific Grove (California) that serves up some of the most delicious looking pasta dishes I’ve ever seen.

I’m not feeling all that eloquent this morning, so I’ll leave you with the links to her Shop/Blog/Restaurant, and let them do the talking for me!












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